Fuzzy Logic in Autonomous Robotics -- On-Line Session

Alessandro Saffiotti (asaffio@iridia0.ulb.ac.be)
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 17:06:49 +0200

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The 1st On-Line Workshop on Soft Computing (WSC1) will take place over
the Internet from August 19-30, 1996.

The FLAR session aims at bringing together researchers actively involved
in applying fuzzy logic to autonomous robotics. The goal is to get an
updated view of the existing work in this domain, and to provide a forum
to critically assess the value of fuzzy logic techniques to address the
needs of autonomous robotics.

The FLAR session includes ten contributed papers, plus an introductory
paper. The papers are available at the sites below. The discussion
will take place over the internet on August 19 to 30, 1996 (two weeks).
Registration is free. You are welcome to read the papers and join the
on-line discussion. The relevant WWW addresses for this session are:

(official site of WSC1, in Japan)

(mirror site for the FLAR session, in Belgium)

Please feel free to contact me for any question regarding this session.
I am confident that this session will give us all a worthy opportunity
to have enriching and constructive interactions.

"See" you on-line!

Alessandro Saffiotti

IRIDIA, Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Brussels, Belgium