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G.V. Raghunathan
Additional Director

August 9, 1996

Dear Sir,

This has reference to the 1st On-line Workshop on SOFT
COMPUTING (WSC1) : August 19 (Monday) - 30 (Friday), 1996
organised by Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan.

Topics covered in the Workshop WSC1 are as follows:-

Fuzzy Logic
Neuro - Computing
Genetic Computing
Probabilistic Reasoning
Chaos Computing
Hybrid Systems

In this Workshop WSC1, in Special Session on 'Engineering
Problem Solving using Soft Computing, 6 (Six) research Papers
from Our Team (Department of Electronics, Govt. of India) are
being presented. Details of the papers are given below:-

1. "Modeling Considerations for the performance of Public
Sector Enterprises - A Fuzzy Theoretical Approach" -
G.V. Raghunathan, A.B. Patki, U.P. Phadke and N.
Gopalswami (No: 044)

2. "On Data Types for Object Oriented Methodology for
Fuzzy Software Development" - A.B.Patki,
G.V.Raghunathan and N. Narayanan (No: 045)

3. "Towards Rapid Prototyping CAD Environment For Fuzzy
Logic Based Portable Products" - Sandeep
Deshpande, A.B. Patki and G.V. Raghunathan (No: 046)

4. "Fuzzy Logic Based Hardware : Some Experiences - A.B.
Patki (No: 047)

5. "Trends in Fuzzy Logic Hardware " - A.B.Patki and
G.V.Raghunathan (No: 062)

6. "Fuzzy Logic Integrated Circuits " - S.Alag and A.B.
Patki (No: )

Important Dates are:-

Opening of papers to public : Aug. 12, 1996
Workshop Weeks : Aug. 19-30, 1996

Research papers will appear on WWW page

( on 12th Aug.,

You may kindly like to take part in the workshop and we
look forward to your valuable comments and suggestions.

With regards,
Yours sincerly,


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