Re: Extracting rules from neural network

Mark A. Scarton (
Thu, 1 Aug 1996 12:25:52 +0200 (Lyndon Nerenberg) wrote:
> Take a look *where* ???
> --lyndon

Kosko's book on using fuzzy with signal processing applications spends a great
deal of time looking at how to extract and validate the rules from a neural
network. It's not an area that I've actually built systems to do, so I can't
really comment on it other than to say that it was an excellent read and that it
made intuitive sense (from a set, logic, and programming viewpoint).

The title of the book is "Neural Nets and Fuzzy Systems", 1990, Prentice-Hall.
IMHO an all-around excellent book for folks that are including fuzzy constructs
into existing complex systems. I was able to use many of the constructs
directly in building a passive sensor (radar) system.

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