Assigning a fuzzy membership function

Chris Marvell (
Thu, 1 Aug 1996 08:17:43 +0200

Can anybody offer any advice on assigning a membership function to a set
of data? I have 10 quantative data sets which I am trying to combine to
produce one unitless data set, any ideas on how to do this? Once this has
been achieved I would like to assign a membership function to produce,
initially, 3 fuzzy sets. The reason for this approach is that I am
interested in applying fuzzy theory to try and measure morale within a
company workforce; starting with discrete data that can be easily
captured, ie number of days sick leave, number of people leaving the
company etc. Combining these 10 data sets will give me, I believe, a
basis for applying the fuzzy set theory to solve the problem. Any
comments by e-mail please. Many thanks..