FLINS'96 programme

Da Ruan (druan@sckcen.be)
Thu, 1 Aug 1996 07:26:11 +0200

FLINS'96 Final Programme
Second International FLINS Workshop on
Intelligent Systems and Soft Computing
For Nuclear Science and Industry
Hotel SunParks Rauwse Meren, Mol, Belgium
September 25-27, 1996

FLINS, an acronym for Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent technologies in Nuclear
Science, is an international research forum aiming to advance the theory and
applications of fuzzy logic and novel intelligent technologies in the domain=
of nuclear science and engineering.

FLINS'96 aims to bring together scientists and researchers and to introduce=
the principles of intelligent systems and soft computing such as fuzzy logic
(FL), neural network (NN), genetic algorithms (GA) and any combinations of
FL, NN, and GA, knowledge-based expert systems and complex problem-solving
techniques that are new and useful for nuclear science and industry.

List of topics to be covered at FLINS'96:
fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms, learning techniques,
robotics, man-machine interface, decision-support techniques, and=
with applications in nuclear science and industry, and related research
fields, such as:
nuclear reactor control, nuclear energy and environmental protection, safety
assessment, human reliability, safeguards, production processes in the fuel
cycle, dismantling, waste and disposal, power systems control, scheduling,=
load forecasting.

The conference proceedings will be published as a book by World Scientific
Publishers and will be available to the delegates.

Organizing Committee
Honorary Chair: E.E. Kerre (Ghent University, Belgium)
SCK CEN Advisors: P. D'hondt, P. Govaerts, M. Snykers
Chair: D. Ruan
Members: W.F.L. Bogaerts, B. De Baets, G. de Cooman, G. Puissant, L.=
E. Trauwaert, B. Carl=E9, L. Van Den Durpel, B. Van de Walle

Workshop organization
co-sponsored by: OMRON Belgium NV, Ghent University, Belgium,
Belgoprocess, Belgonucl=E9aire, FBFC International, NFWO, ONDRAF/NIRAS=
Agency for Radioactive Waste and Fuel, Brussels).

International Scientific Advisory Committee
Chairman:H.-J. Zimmermann (ELITE, Germany)
members: S. Arita (BMFSA, Japan), J.F. Baldwin (Bristol, UK), Z. Bien
(KAIST, Korea), P.P. Bonissone (GE, USA), C. Carlsson (=C5bo, Finland), A.
Fattah (IAEA, Austria), J.L. King (IAEA, Austria), G. Klir (Binghamton,
USA), Y. Nishiwaki (Vienna, Austria), T. Onisawa (Tsukuba, Japan), F. =D8wre
(IFE, Norway), A. Ryjov (Moscow, Russia), Ph. Smets (IRIDIA, Belgium), H.
Takagi (Kyushu Inst. of Design, Japan), T. Terano (LIFE, Japan), E. Uchino
(FLSI, Japan), A.J. van der Wal (OMRON Europe BV, the Netherlands), C. Zhao
(NPIC, China).


Wednesday September 25, 1996

08.30-10.00 h. Registration
10.00-11.00 h. Welcome address by P. Govaerts, General manager SCK.CEN =20
FLINS progress by D. Ruan (FLINS'96 Chair, SCK CEN)
11.00-12.00 h. Invited opening lecture: Fuzzy Algorithmic and
Knowledge-Based Decision Support in Nuclear Engineering,=20
H.-J. Zimmermann (Germany)

12.15-13.45 h. Lunch

14.00-14.45 h. Invited lecture: On the Concept of a Linguistic Variable,
E.E. Kerre (Belgium)

14.45-15.00 h. Coffee break

15.00-17.30 h. Parallel Session 1: Soft Computing Techniques (1)

A Note on Mamdani Controllers, B. De Baets (Belgium)
Minimization the Number of Rules in Fuzzy Relational Models,
I.G. Perfilieva (Russia)

Why Fuzzy Controllers Should Be Fuzzy, A. Now=E9 (Belgium)

A Parallel Approach for Automatic Genaration of Fuzzy=
L. Chen, X. Zhang and Y. He (China)

15.00-17.30 h. Parallel Session 2: Intelligent Engineering Systems (1)

Identification of Hidden Failures in Control Systems: A
Functional Modeling Approach, A. Jalashgar and M. Modarres
(Denmark and USA)

An Entropy Based Method for Computing Software Structural
Complexity, J.L. Roca (Argentina)

An Approach to Incremental Fuzzy Modelling of Dynamic=20
Behavior of Functions in Complex Systems, K. Ouliddren and=
A. Now=E9 (Belgium)

Handling Data Redundancy and Update Anomalies in Fuzzy=20
Relational Databases, G. Chen and E.E. Kerre (China and=

15.00-17.30 h. Parallel Session 3: Nuclear Applications (1)

Uncertainties under Emergency Conditions and Possible=20
Application of Fuzzy Theory for Nuclear Safety (Invited),
Y. Nishiwaki (Austria)

Application of Fuzzy Decision Making to Countermeasure=20
Strategies After a Nuclear Accident, X. Liu and D. Ruan=20
(China and Belgium)

Process Monitoring by Combining Several Signal-Analysis=20
Results Using Fuzzy Logic, H. Schoonewelle, T.H.J.J. van der
Hagen and J.E. Hoogenboom (The Netherlands)

Optimal Selections for Shielding Materials by Using Fuzzy=20
Linear Programming, Y. Kanai, T. Miura, N. Odano and=20
S. Sugasawa (Japan)

Clustering and Retrieving Information in Nuclear Science for
Decision-Support Techniques, S.K. Dulin and I.A. Kiselev

Thursday September 26, 1996

08.30-9.00 h. Registration
9.00-10.00 h. Invited lecture: Functional Modelling for Integration of
Human-Software-Hardware in Complex Physical Systems,=20
M. Modarres (USA)

10.00-10.15 h. Coffee break

10.15-12.15 h. Parallel Session 1: Soft Computing Techniques (2)
The Simplifying Role of Pure and Stable Sets in Induced
Possibilities and Necessities, E. Tsiporkova (Bulgaria)

Fuzzy Metric Space and Its Completeness,=20
J. Han and X. Zhang (China)

Fuzzy Commutative Algebra and Its Application in Mechanical
Engineering, J. Han, H. Song and R. Peng (China)

Application of the Concept of Local Equilibrium to Solve the
Fokker-Planck Equation, G. Resconi, A.J. van der Wal and=20
D. Ruan (Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium)=20

A Genetic Approach to Image Reconstruction in Computerised
Tomography, C.O. Turcanu, T. Craciunescu, C. Niculae and=20
L. Alecu (Romania)

10.15-12.15 h. Parallel Session 2: Intelligent Engineering Systems (2)
System Reliability Analysis with Natural Language and=20
Expert's Subjectivity, T. Onisawa (Japan)

Obtaining Reliability and Safety Assessments on the Basis=20
of Non-Probabilistic Methods, I.O. Kozin and K.E. Petersen

Self-Tuning of Fuzzy Logic Controllers in Cascade Loops,
M. Santos, J.M. de la Cruz and S. Dormido (Spain)

The Methods and Algorithms for Designing Complex
Three-Dimensional Robots, A.E. Solovjev and V.B. Naumov (Russia)

Kalman-Fuzzy Neural Algorithm in Short Term Load=
S.R. Shah Baki, H. Saibon and K.L. Lo (Malaysia and The UK)

10.15-12.15 h. Parallel Session 3: Nuclear Applications (2)
A Fuzzy Control Algorithm for a Mobile Robot to Move Pass
Obstacles, B.-S. Moon and J. Lee (Korea)

Experiments of Fuzzy Logic Control on a Nuclear Research=20
Reactor, Z. Liu and D. Ruan (Belgium)

Self-Tuning Fuzzy Logic Nuclear Reactor Controller, A.
Sharif Heger, Mo Jamshidi and N.K. Alang-Rashid (USA and

Improved Method for Incipient Multiple Fault Diagnosis with
Application to Nuclear Power Plant, H.-Y. Chung, I.-S. Park and
Z. Bien (Korea)

Fuzzy Logic Utilization for the Diagnosis of Metallic Loose
Part Impact in Nuclear Power Plants, Y.-G. Oh, H.-P. Hong,
S.-J. Han, C.-S. Chun and B.-K. Kim (Korea)

12.15-13.45 h. Lunch

14.00-14.45 h. Invited lecture: Applying the Transferable Belief Model to
Diagnostic Problems, P. Smets (Belgium)

14.45-15.30 h. Invited lecture: Intelligent Engineering & Technology for=20
Nuclear Power Plant Operation, P.P. Wang and X.L. Gu (USA)

15.30-16.00 h. Coffee Break

16.00-18.00 h. Invited Session 1: DANTE (Decision-Aiding with New=

Problem-Solving with Multiple Interdependent Criteria:=20
Better Solutions to Complex Problems (Invited),
C. Carlsson and R. Full=E9r (Finland and Hungary)

Recent Advances in Fuzzy Preference Modelling,
B. Van de Walle, B. De Baets and E.E. Kerre (Belgium)

The Problem of Defining Non Deterministic Aggregation
Operators (Invited), V. Cutello and J. Montero (Italy and=

On Defining and Computing Fuzzy Kernels on L-Valued Simple=
Graphs (Invited), R. Bisdorff and M. Roubens (Belgium)

Dom FLIP++ (Invited), W. Hendrysiak, A. Raggl and W. Slany

16.00-18.00 h. Invited Session 2: Soft Computing Issue
What Soft Computing can do for us and what can we do for=20
Soft Computing? X. Li (China)
Soft Computing in Industry, A.J. van der Wal (the=

18.30-... Conference dinner

Friday September 27, 1996

08.30-9.00 h. Registration
9.00-10.00 h. Invited lecture: Now Comes the Time to Defuzzify Neuro-Fuzzy
Models, H. Bersini and G. Bontempi (Belgium)
10.00-10.15 h. Coffee break

10.15-12.15 h. Parallel Session 1: Soft Computing Techniques (3)

Algebraic Neural Network, G. Resconi and A. Raymondi (Italy)

An Extended Fuzzy Neural Network, X. Li, D. Ruan and C.
Huang (China and Belgium)

Dynamic Training Algorithm for Dynamic Neural Networks, Y.
Tan, A. Van Cauwenberghe and Z. Liu (Belgium)

A New Method of Machine Vision Preprocessing Based on
Cellular Neural Networks, J. Wang, L. Zhao and F. Zeng=

A Novel Neural Network for Multiproject Programming with
Limited Resources, L. Zhao, J. Wang, F. Zeng and G. Huang

Experiments on Fault Tolerance of Artificial Neural Networks
Implemented by Means of a Transputer R. Velazco, Ph. Cheynet,=20
A. Assoum and F. Bezerra (France)

10.15-12.15 h. Parallel Session 2: Nuclear Applications (3)

A Fuzzy Controller for NPPs, G.H. Schildt (Austria)
AI-Based Alarm Processing for a Nuclear Power Plant, N.J.
Na, I.S. Kim, J.T. Kim, I.K. Hwang, D.Y. Lee and C.S. Ham

Expert Environment for the Development of Nuclear Power
Plants Failure Diagnosis Systems, P.N. Guido, S. Oggianu,
A. Etchepareborda and O. Fernandez (Argentina)

Integrating Information in a Real-Time Data Visualization=20
System on Nuclear Power Plant, E.G. Galdoz, H.R. Fontanini=
and E.R. Tapia (Argentina)

12.15-13.45 h. Lunch

14.00-17.00 h. Reception and further discussion for possible co-operation=
among participants at the Club-House of SCK.CEN.=20

General Information
Date: September 25-27, 1996
Venue: Hotel SunParks Rauwse Meren
Postelsesteenweg 100
B-2400 Mol
Tel. +32-14 81 72 52
Fax +32-14 81 72 53

Reaching SunParks Hotel
By SCK.CEN's organized transport at the Brussels Airport September 24, 1996
at 18.00 h. and at SCK.CEN September 27, 1996 at 17.30 h.

By car
exit 25 (Turnhout-Oost) on highway E34 (Antwerpen-Eindhoven)
exit 26 (Geel-West) on highway E313 (Antwerpen-Aachen)
(for further details, contact flins@sckcen.be)

By public transport: =20
Sabena Bus from Brussels Airport to Antwerp every hour at the same minute;
fare: 250 BEF
departure Brussels Airport: 07.00 ..... 23.00
arrival Antwerp Centre: 07.50 ..... 23.50
Train from Antwerp to Mol (direction Neerpelt) every hour at the same=
fare: 1st class: 325 BEF; 2nd class: 235 BEF =20
departure Antwerp Central: 06.09 .....22.09
arrival Mol: 06.56 .....22.56
Taxi from Mol railway-station to SunParks Rauwse Meren
fare: 400 BEF;=20
tel. Taxi Rudi, 014-31 95 95

Registration fees

Early registration
(payment received before August 31, 1996) BEF 10 000

Late registration after August 31, 1996 BEF 15 000

Student (Confirmation letter of professor and student ID card are=
Early registration=20
(payment received before August 31, 1996) BEF 8 000

Late registration after August 31, 1996 BEF 2 000

Conference banquet Not included in the registration fee
BEF 1 500

All registration fees must be added by 21% V.A.T.

Fee includes: Attendance to all FLINS'96 workshop sessions, lunches, coffee
breaks, reception, and a copy of Conference proceedings FLINS'96 (World


All payments have to be transferred to account number # 435-0306651-17
(Kredietbank, Kunstlaan 40, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium) Please, quote
"FLINS'96" and include the name and company of the delegate. Credit Cards
cannot be accepted. A cash-payment can be made at registration desk (valid
only for late registrations)

Hotel charge has to be paid at the hotel reception desk. Rooms can be
booked either directly via the Sunpark hotel or via flins@sckcen.be before
September 13, 1996.

Correspondence and further information:
Dr. D. Ruan
FLINS'96 Chair
Nuclear Research Centre
Boeretang 200, B-2400 Mol
Phone: + 32 14 33 22 72
Fax: + 32 14 32 15 29
Email:flins@sckcen.be or=20

----------------------Registration Form-------------------------

Second International FLINS Workshop on Intelligent Systems and Soft=
for Nuclear Science and Industry

Hotel SunParks Rauwse Meren, Mol, Belgium,
September 25-27, 1996

Please complete this form and return it as soon as possible=20
and not later than September 13, 1996 to=20
Mrs Caroline Poortmans (Conference Secretary)
Boeretang 200
B-2400 Mol (Belgium)
phone: +32 14 33 25 85 fax: +32 14 33 25 84
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2 Student (Registration fee 20 %)
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Early registration
(Payment received before August 31, 1996) BEF 8 000 BEF

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3 Conference banquet BEF 1 500 BEF =

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5 Subtotal BEF .................

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Payment (Please, tick as appropriate)

Full payment through bank transfer to Kredietbank, Kunstlaan 40, B-1040
Brussels, Belgium.
Account # 435-0306651-17. (Please indicate "FLINS'96", company and name of
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Cash-payment will be made at registration desk (valid only for late