Is this an application for Fuzzy Logic

Peter Martiniello (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 17:37:27 +0200


I have just started looking into how fuzzy logic works and was wondering if
it would be applicable for the following application. At present we have
an application that detects events. An event comprises of a series of
measured samples which exhibit a particaular profile. The profile
comprise of

- samples must be greater than a threashold
- the rise and fall time ( rate of change ) must be within certain
preset values
- the duration that the samples where above the minimin threashold
must be greater than a minumun period.

At present these parameter are fix values - for example the threashold
and rise time may be satisfied but due to the fact the duration was
9.8 instead of 9.5 the set of samples are not marked as an event.

As you can see the parameters that are used to define an event are not
exact values ( they are at the moment ) but should have a margin of
error and the total set weighted and combined.

My question can fuzzy logic be used in the above requirment.

Some other questions

- how is time modelled in a fuzzy system. For example if some
measured value has been active for some time.

- how are digital signals represented - eg: switches on/off

Thanks in advance