Re: 8051 Microcontroller

Constantin von Altrock (
Fri, 26 Jul 1996 14:03:17 +0200

Armando Sousa wrote:
> I'm using SIEFUZZY, the fuzzy software for Siemens on my
> 80535 (8051 derivate) temperature process controller.
> SieFuzzy is godd, stil has some bugs but it generates
> C code directly and I found it a real time saver.
> One last important note: I just gave up programming fuzzy on
> the micrcontroller due to EPROM size limitations... if the problem
> is complicated, then fuzzy programs are large (for a 8051),
> even if a lookuptable is implemented (I'm a fuzzy newcomer
> but I'bve learned that really quick!).

If you use a C code implementation on an 8051, it is huge and slow
due to the fact that the 8051 instruction set was clearly not defined
with C code in mind. However, an optimized assembly code generation
as provided by the fuzzyTECH MCU-51 Edition developed by INTEL and
INFORM can generate fast and compact fuzzy logic systems. Small
systems only require 1 millisecond to compute and less than 0.5 KB
EPROM. Even large systems will only use about 2 KB EPROM. Check out
the benchmarks at

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