Re: Fuzzy Quantum Mechanics?

Stephen Paul King (
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 16:56:18 +0200

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(MARTIN TAI) writes:
>-> >> B. Kosko, in his usual manner, alludes to the idea of restating
>-> Q.M. >>in his book Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems. I am VERY
>-> interested >>in this idea but have not been able to find any
>-> up on it. It >>could be that any attempt to publish a paper on
>-> Q.M. would >>generate a flame attack of Armagedonic proportions by
>-> the
>-> >>traditional physicists.
>-> >>
>-> >> Is there anyone brave enough to attempt this challenge?!
>-> >>
>-> >> Stephen Paul King
>-> >
>-> >Often the flaming is justified when someone who really doesn't
>-> >understand quantum mechanics tries to use it in bizzare or
>-> >inappropriate ways. This just spreads misinformation and gives
>-> >weight to the terrible discussion, since other people who don't
>-> >understand quantum mechanics may say, "Gee, this is supported by
>-> >really high level physics". (Like someone who "proves" the
>-> >of God using physics. I have heard at least one discussion.)
>-> >
>-> >John Fritz, Ph. D in physics
>-> Hi John,
>-> I agree completely with you. I do not have the mathematical
>-> for such a task, but I do "understand" quantum mechanics. I am just
>-> wondering, like R. Shafer, if anyone "qualified" has made an
>-> And by the way, exactly what do we mean by "understand?"
>-> Sincerly,
>-> Stephen Paul King
> Quantum mechanics is such a well established systems (
>Dirac etc); restating Q.M in fuzzy logic may be an interesting
>topics, but I doubt the tools offered by fuzzy logic at present
>can match the power of Q.M. equations.

If I may,

I have recieved a couple of references from Osmo Kaleva of Tampere

"On joint distributions of observables for F-quantum spaces"
by Dvurecenskij, Anatolij, and Riecan, Beloslav,
in Fuzzy Sets and Systems 39, No.1, 65-73 (1991)

"F-Quantum Spaces and their Dynamics"
by Markechova, Dagnar
in Fuzzy Sets and Systems 50, No.1, 78-88 (1992)

Can anyone snail mail me copies of these? I will pay all costs!

I am also interested in

"Fuzzy Subsethood"
by Virginia R. Young
in Fuzzy Sets and Systems 77, 371-384, March 1996.


Stephen Paul King