3rd IFAC SICICA - Extended Deadline

Laurent FOULLOY (foulloy@univ-savoie.fr)
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 14:31:30 +0200

Due to multiple requests, the deadline for the 3rd IFAC Symposium on
Intelligent Components and Instruments for Control Applications
(SICICA'97) has been extended to September 15, 1996. Please find below
the call for papers.


S I C I C A ' 9 7




Annecy, France, June 9-11 1997

First Announcement and Call For Papers



Submission of draft papers : August 1, 1996

Extended deadline : September 15, 1996
***************** ******************

Notification of acceptance : November 1, 1996
Submission of full papers : January 1, 1997


Please submit 5 copies of draft papers (4-6 pages) in English.
The first page must contain the paper title, authors-names and
applications, complete address of the corresponding author
(fax, tel, E-mail) and the abstract (200-250 words).

Selected full papers are to be prepared according to instructions
sent to the authors (max. 6 pages). Accepted papers must
be presented in person at the symposium.



The aim of the symposium is to bring together scientists,
suppliers and users of new so-called intelligent techniques
in the fields of sensors, actuators and instruments for
advanced control and measurement applications.

The symposium will address generic methodologies, recent
developments and their applications in software and hardware



Functionalities of intelligent components and instruments :
- diagnosis - autoconfiguration - measurement validation
- data fusion - learning.

Techniques for intelligent components and instruments :
- conventional methods - fuzzy logic - neural networks
- genetic algorithms - rule-based approach.

Modeling and implementation of :
- microsensors - microactuators - integrated sensors
- integrated actuators - virtual instruments - intelligent
controllers - multi sensor systems.

Communication networks and industrial standard field-buses :
- FIP - CAN - VAN - wireless networks - automation network
instruments - real-time constraints.

Software and hardware tools :
- specialized architecture - simulation - analysis - design
- decision support systems - assessment support systems.

Applications :
- process control - perception systems - decentralized control
- robotics - environmental systems - education training
- automotive systems.



P. Albertos (Spain) Chairman
T. Boromisza (Hungary) S. Boverie (France)
L. Foulloy (France) A. Garcia-Cerezo (Spain)
R. Isermann (Germany) L. Keviczky (Hungary)
M. Kilgour (Canada) P. Kopacek (Austria)
R. Longchamp (Switzerland) F. Naghdy (Australia)
A. Ollero (Spain) M. Robert (France)
H. Roth (Germany) M. Staroswiecki (France)
A. Titli (France) R. Thorn (United
L. Trybus (Poland) G. Ulivi (Italy)
H. Verbruggen (Netherland) M. Zaremba (Canada)


The symposium will be held at the Imperial Congress Center which
is located within walking distance of the town center in
enchanting surrounding by the side of the mountain lake of Annecy
in the heart of French Alps. An idyllic setting, close to
Switzerland and Italy with easy access by road, rail and air.


IFAC Copyright

The material submitted for presentation at IFAC meeting (congress,
symposium, conference, workshop) must be original, not published
of being considered elswhere. All papers accepted for presentation
will appear in the Preprints of the meeting and will be distributed
to the participants. Papers duly presented will be archived and
offered for sale, in the form of Postprint volumes, by Elsevier
Science Ltd, Oxford, UK. The papers which have been presented will
be further screened for possible publication in the IFAC Journals
"Automatica and Control Engineering Practice", or in IFAC affiliated
journals. The abstracts of all papers presented will also appear
in "Control Engineering Practice".
Copyright of materials presented at an IFAC meeting is held by IFAC.
Authors will be sent a copyright transfer from, "Automatica, Control
Engineering Practice" and, afterthese, IFAC affiliated journals
have priorrity access to all contributions presented.
However, if the author is not contacted by an editor of these
journals, within three months after the meeting, the author is free
to re-submit the material for publication elsewhere. In this case,
the paper must carry a reference to the IFAC meeting where it was
originally presented.



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