Re: 8051 Microcontroller

Constantin von Altrock (
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 13:58:27 +0200

Dear Mr. Mario Mueller-Della Morte

You asked for 8051 fuzzy logic tools:

> does anybody know any 8051 tools, systems or sources (asm or C) to
> implement fuzzy control on this microcontroller?

INTEL has joined forces with the fuzzy logic software provider INFORM
to develop such tools. They are available both from INFORM (try and INTEL (try The name of the
tool is fuzzyTECH MCU-51 Edition and it does provide both assembly
code and C code generation. However, fuzzy logic in C is very slow on
an 8051...

If you have any further questions, the email of INFORM's fuzzy logic
on 8051 expert is "".

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