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Edgar L. Dohmann (
Fri, 19 Jul 1996 15:00:40 +0200

> Mario Mueller-Della Morte ( wrote:
> : Hi,
> :
> : does anybody know any 8051 tools, systems or sources (asm or C) to
> : implement fuzzy control on this microcontroller?
> :
> : My e-mail

Ortech Engineering is the North American distributor for the TILShell
fuzzy logic development tools from Togai InfraLogic. TILShell includes
support for Keil C-51 compilers and also includes on-line testing,
debugging, and tuning via a serial data connection between your computer
running TILShell and the target system containing the 8051

We also offer the OEI552 Development System which consists of a single
board computer using the Philips 80C552 microcontroller. Since the 80C552
is a superset of most 8051 derivatives, this is an ideal platform for
developing all types of 8051 control applications. It comes with a
monitor, debugger, on-line driver for communicating with TILShell, and
lots of sample routines.

Please check out our offerings at and

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