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> I am a rising senior at Roanoke College in VA. For several months now,
>I have been researching fuzzy regression. I have studied several methods of
>fuzzy regression, compared the results using various techniques, and attempted
>to create new ways of performing fuzzy regression analysis. I am also very
>interested in applications for fuzzy regression. If anyone knows of any good
>resources for fuzzy regression, please let me know. Also, I would love to hear
>any suggestions for interesting possibilities for research in fuzzy regression
>for my future studies in this field.
> If anyone has any questions about fuzzy regression, feel free to e-mail
>me at
>I would love to hear from you!!!
>Thank you!
> Laura Jacobsen

Surprisingly there are comparatively fewer papers dedicated to this
area. For example papers that describe in very direct and non ambigous terms
how to build a simple regression model. Perhaps it might appear a bit
trivial like say killing an ant with a hammer, but it is one of the areas
where the direct understanding of statistical analysis and inference can be
applied to fuzzy analysis with little flag-waving and "fuzzified" re-casting
of derivations and equations. And the results can easily be
checked and cross-checked with a battery of simple tools etc.
You probably also by now might have realized that in fuzzy terminology what
you are looking for is Fuzzy Relational modeling or Fuzzy identification.
With that in mind the search becomes easier.
For example if someone is paying* for it, you might
checkout the new book by Prof. Witold Pedrycz or better yet get some of his
published papers mostly in the Fuzzy Sets and Systems Journal. Stay away
from the so called Handbooks of Fuzzy this or Fuzzy that... they are
generally overpriced, super-hyped tomes of absolute obfuscation.

Good Luck

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