ERUDIT seminar / 4th UK Fuzzy Systems Workshop

Olaf Wolkenhauer (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 12:58:26 +0200


an ERUDIT* seminar

as the fourth UK Workshop on Fuzzy Systems

7th - 8th October 1996

to be held at The Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester, UK.


The aim of the seminar is to raise the awareness of the advantages of
Uncertainty Modelling and Fuzzy Technology to industry and to present
projects from leading researchers in the field. The seminar provides
the opportunity to identify collaborators in industry and research

Dr Hans Hellendoorn, SIEMENS AG Munich, Germany, will give a keynote
address on the first day. Poster demonstrations and presentations will
then be given. These will be followed by open forum discussions.

Mr Karl Lieven, MIT GmbH, Aachen will present a lecture on fuzzy support
and design tools on the second day. Professor Ebrahim Mamdani, ERUDIT
coordinator, will conclude the seminar with an outlook on ERUDIT activi-
ties and future perspectives of intelligent systems in industry.


Derek Linkens, Sheffield Manzoor Arain, LUCAS
Nigel Steele, Coventry Chris Harris, Southampton
Arthur Dexter, Oxford Peter Wellstead, UMIST
Robert Johnston, GEC-Marconi John Edmunds, UMIST
Olaf Wolkenhauer, UMIST

The seminar is jointly organised by ERUDIT and the Control Systems
Centre at UMIST.


Presentations are welcome on a wide range of topics inlcuding; decision
making, fault-detection, control schemes, neuro-fuzzy systems, fuzzy
systems design tools - soft- and hardware.

The registration fee is 70 pound. For registration and accomodation use the
provided reply form. The number of participants is limited to 60.

For more information on the programme, ERUDIT, registration, travel, and
accomodation see the WWW pages at:

or contact Olaf Wolkenhauer at

* European Network in Uncertainty Techniques Developments for Use in
Information Technology. ERUDIT is a network of excellence supported by
the European Commission. The goal of ERUDIT is to put European industry
at the leading edge of international competiveness in information


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