Re: Fuzzy modeling for aircraft control?

Antony (
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 10:42:33 +0200

Refer the following papers:

KrishnaKumar K. and Satyadas Antony, Evolving Multiple Fuzzy Models and
its application to an aircraft control problem, Genetic Algorithms in
Engineering and Computer Science, Ed. J. Periaux and G. Winter, John
Wiley & Sons, Ltd, UK, 1995 (book chapter).

Satyadas Antony and KrishnaKumar K., EFM-based controllers for Space
Station Attitude Control: Applications and Analysis, Genetic Algorithms
and Soft Computing, Ed. F. Herrera and J. L. Verdegay, Physica-Verlag,
Heidelberg, 1996 (book chapter).

Satyadas Antony, and KrishnaKumar, K., Evolving Lean Fuzzy Controllers
using Evolutionary Fuzzy Modeling, VIth International Fuzzy Systems
Association (IFSA) World Congress, I, 253-256, Sao Paulo, Brazil, July

KrishnaKumar, K., Gonsalves, P., Satyadas Antony, Zachrias, G.,Hybrid
Fuzzy Logic Controller Synthesis via Pilot Modeling, AIAA Journal of
Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, 18, 4, July 1995.

Tutorial, FlexTool(FS) M2.2 Manual, Flexible Intelligence Group, LLC.,

Tutorial, FlexTool(EFM) M2.2 Manual, Flexible Intelligence Group, LLC.,

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Roger Moore wrote:
> I have been asked to give a tutorial style talk on fuzzy logic. I am
> searching for an example of fuzzy modeling in aircraft control. Ideally,
> this would be from published results, but I would consider a hypothetical
> case.
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> Roger Moore