Re: fuzzy and medicine

Earl Cox (
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 17:25:19 +0200


>It certainly sounds feasible to develop a fuzzy logic system which
>could give you an accurate DRG.

>1. I believe you should use an fuzzy SQL data base.

>2. Crisp sets and fuzzy sets can be used together very well in an
> SQL fuzzy logic data base.

>3. To handle the noisy data, a knowledge mining system (neural
> networks, Wang-Mendell) could be used to set up the initial fuzzy

> fuzzy sets and rules governing the system. At the very least
> neural networks transformation methods could help in cleaning up
> your noisy data.

>4. Fuzzy system methodology has worked on far more complicated
> problems than you seem to be dealing with.


>Richard Olson


Pretty good answer and right on ther mark. What you need to do is get my
fuzzySQL visual basic system and offer to build something for them. It's in
prototype development, but is ready for a consultant to use.

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