Special BISC Seminar, 3 July 1996, 4-5:00pm, 320 Soda

Michael Lee (leem@cs.berkeley.edu)
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 17:16:04 +0200

Dear Bisc-group,

We will have another special seminar on Wednesday, the 3rd of July.

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Michael Lee


Fuzzy Sensors

BISC Seminar


Prof. Laurent Foulloy

Universit de Savoie
B.P. 806 - 41, avenue de la Plaine
F-74016 Annecy cedex
Tl : +33 50-66-60-40
Fax : +33 50-66-60-63

Date and Time:
3 July 1996
320 Soda Hall


During the past ten years, interest in intelligent systems has increased
rapidly. The addition of extra sensors leads to a richer description of the
world providing both redundant and complementary information, thus offering the
capability of solving complex situations. Using new sensors and actuators leads
to better quality, productivity and security. To carry out these goals, it is
necessary to have access to tools which allow the integration of intelligence
at the very basic level.

Due to its ability in representing gradual information familiar to human
beings, the fuzzy subset theory is one possible tool to integrate some kind of
intelligence. In particular, its natural property of linking linguistic terms
to numerical values allows the implementation of high level functions such as
data fusion or complex decision processes.

The aim of this talk is to present fuzzy sensors. A fuzzy sensor is a special
case of fuzzy components which is able to represent a measurement by means of a
fuzzy subset of linguistic terms. First of all, the foundations of fuzzy
components will be introduced from a typology of fuzzy controllers. Then,
implementation aspects of fuzzy sensors will be presented. In particular, fuzzy
sensors based on operators and fuzzy sensors based on interpolation will be
detailed. Examples of fuzzy sensors for the description of colors and for the
description of comfort will be given. Finally, the use of fuzzy components in
fuzzy control will be introduced.


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