Re: Fuzzy Trading

Chris Trimble (
Tue, 18 Jun 1996 18:21:50 +0200

> I'm in the process of developing a fuzzy logic stock and
> futures trading system. Results to date are quite
> encouraging. Anyone interested in sharing information
> and experiences?

Sounds like a very interesting challenge. Put it up against the
dartboard, a la The Wall Street Journal, and see how it fares.

Every month, the Journal has 4 analysts pick 4 stocks via their vast
experience and the newspaper picks 4 stocks via the dartboard. They
let them run for 6 months and see how they fare against each other.
So far, and this has been going on for years, they're neck-in-neck.
Random chance comes out ahead about half of the time! So, maybe
testing your machine against the dartboard may be one way to see how
it's really doing. Just a thought.

- Chris