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"WS" == Warren Sarle <> writes:
WS> I am updating the entry on fuzzy logic in the FAQ
WS> in light of some recent arguments. Any comments?
WS> discussion) about combining fuzzy logic with neural network approaches
WS> in

There is a researh project "Using external knowledge in neural network
training and structure" at Lappeenranta University of Technology
(Finland) <URL:>

They have presented algorithms, where constraints can be stated with
fuzzy-like terms for different order derivatives of the mapping,
allowing a considerable amount of background knowledge to be trained
to the MLP network. Fuzzy-rules have now been incorporated into a
commercial neural network process control tool.

Algorithms are presented in the following two articles:

Jouko Lampinen and Arto Selonen, "Multilayer Perceptron Training
with Inaccurate Derivative Information", Proc. 1995 IEEE
International Conference on Neural Networks ICNN'95, Perth, WA, Vol.
5, pp. 2811-2815, 1995

Jouko Lampinen and Arto Selonen, "Using Background Knowledge for
Regularization of Multilayer Perceptron Learning", Submitted to
International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, ICANN'96,
Bochum, Germany, 16-19 July, 1996

There is another researh project At Tampere University of Technology
(Finland) "Neuro-Fuzzy Systems"

List of Publications at <URL:>
Most of them are about fuzzy self-organizing maps and neuro-fuzzy

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