Re: Request: empirical determination of membership-functions

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> >Does anybody know of (linguistic, psychological, ...) studies
> >dealing
> >with the empirical determination of membership-functions,
> >operators,
> >and/or other fuzzy logic constructs? I'd be happy to hear from you!
> I am very interested in this topic. I'd be grateful if you would share
responses to this post, either here or via email.
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One approach I've seen for engineering parameters is to let the engineer
define the points to which he/she feels the relation between the given
parameter/memebership value are appropriate. Then, a spline is fitted to
the points and the membership function is formed based on the the spline.
See the paper:

J.E. Chen and K.N. Otto, Constructing membership functions using
interpolation and measurement theory, Fuzzy Set and Systems 73(1995), pp.

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