Re: Opinions on Kosko?
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 14:42:31 +0200

In a message dated 96-06-10 08:45:12 EDT, Mark A. Scarton wrote:

>But I certainly share
>his feelings/distain for the tendency of many "scientists" to constantly
>the abstract and to ignore the impingements of the real world.

While I can understand your irritation, perhaps, with mathematicians, I can't
understand your disdain. Nor can I understand why you put "scientists" in
quotes. Every mathematician learns that abstraction is what gives
mathematics its power and tremendous applicability to many
seemingly-unrelated real-world problems. G.H. Hardy would probably not admit
to that, but even his beloved "pure" number theory has real-world
applications. The reason for this is that some very bright,
applications-oriented people have taken some of the pure, abstract
definitions and theorems of number theory and have found real-world problems
which "fit" these definitions and theorems. But we need people like G.H.
Hardy to give us these abstract theorems in the first place. IMHO, it's this
kind of "teamwork" between many diverse individuals that makes life
interesting. That doesn't mean I'll be taking a warm shower with an
engineer, however. :-)


Mike Rosenborg
M.S., Mathematics
Cal Poly, SLO, 1993