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>Subject: Opinions on Kosko?
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>I'm relatively new to this topic, and as an introduction I'm reading
>Bart Kosko's "Fuzzy Thinking".
>Kosko has some bitter things to say about the scientific establishment
>and its resistance to fuzzy theory, as well as some far-reaching
>claims about fuzziness and its role in the scheme of the universe.
>I'm wondering how he is regarded (if at all) by people in these parts.
>Brilliant maverick, pioneer, loose cannon, crackpot? How much credit
>(if any) does he have for the growing interest in fuzzy theory in the
You may wish to take a look at his "technical" books. AWSOME!
His review of neural networks and fuzzy systems it the best, in my
opinion. I am particularly impressed by his Subsethood Theorem were he
derives Bayes probability theory. I do not agree with his thought on
"why there is something rather than nothing," but that if forgivable.