Re: fuzzy system in prolog

Trevor Martin (
Wed, 5 Jun 1996 12:38:09 +0200

Gilad Harshoshanim ( wrote:
: I am new to Fuzzy logic / Fuzzy system stuff.

: But i need to do a project of writing a Fuzzy system in Prolog.

: Can someone please guide / help me.

: Does someone have am example of such prolog Fuzzy system example.

We did a fuzzy Prolog system in the mid 80's

(see Fuzzy Sets and Systems 23 (1987): 119-129
The Implementation of FPROLOG - a Fuzzy Prolog Interpreter

by J. F. Baldwin, T. P. Martin and B. W. Pilsworth.

Also of interest - Evidential Support Logic Programming by Baldwin
in Fuzzy Sets and Systems 24 1-26.

For more recent developments see

Trevor Martin