ERUDIT Meeting

Sabina Heck (
Tue, 4 Jun 1996 03:33:50 +0200

ERUDIT - European Network of Excellence for Uncertainty Modelling and
Fuzzy Technology

Meeting of the Technical Committee C:
Components, Capital, and Consumer Goods

June 26, 1996
Interkantonale Ingenieurschule
Dufourstr. 50 a
St. Gallen, Switzerland

Dear ERUDIT-Members and ERUDIT-Friends,

herewith we invite you to take part in the meeting of the Technical
Committee 'Components, Capital, and Consumer Goods' of ERUDIT, the
European Network of Excellence. It will take place on June 26, 1996
from 14.00 to 18.00 h in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Chairman of the
meeting is Dr. Marc Thuillard from Cerberus AG in Maennedorf,
Switzerland. The participation in the ERUDIT meeting is free of
charge. Please let us know if you want to participate!

On June 27, 1996 there will be a soft computing seminar at the same
location in German language. The price for participating in this
seminar is 540.00 Swiss Franc. If you are interested in it, please
contact us and we will send you further information on the programme.

The programme for the ERUDIT meeting is as follows:

June 26, 1996

Interkantonale Ingenieurschule, St. Gallen, Switzerland

14.00 h
Introduction: ERUDIT, European Network of Excellence in Uncertainty
Techniques Developments for Use in Information Technology (supported
by the European Commission)
Dr. Marc Thuillard, Cerberus AG, Maennedorf, Switzerland

14.15 h
Neurofuzzy Model Construction Algorithms, Software, and Applications
Prof. Christopher John Harris, University of Southampton, Department
of Electronics and Computer Science, United Kingdom

15.15 h
Learning Systems using Integration of Fuzzy and Genetic Paradigms
Prof. Derek Arthur Linkens, University of Sheffield, Control and
Systems Engineering, United Kingdom

16.15 h
Intelligent Sensors and Detectors
Dr. Marc Thuillard, Cerberus AG, Maennedorf, Switzerland

16.45 h

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