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Tue, 4 Jun 1996 02:40:55 +0200

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Dear Bisc-Group,

Attached is the Program for the upcoming NAFIPS Conference to be held
in Berkeley from June 19-22. The program is also available from the
web at:

As a reminder, to remove yourself from the bisc list, please send a
message to and NOT to

I hope to see you in June!

Michael Lee

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Technical Program 6/19-22/96


Wednesday Registration 4:00 PM
Turksen Tutorial 9:00 AM
Wednesday Lunch 12:00 PM
Takagi Tutorial 1:00 PM
Zimmermann Tutorial 6:00 PM


Thursday Registration 8:30 AM
Opening Address 8:45 AM
Zadeh Plenary 9:00 AM
Coffee Thursday AM 10:00 AM
Thursday AM Parallel Sessions10:20 AM
Thursday Lunch12:00 PM
Thursday PM Parallel Sessions1:20 PM
Coffee Thursday PM 3:00 PM
Thursday PM Panel Session - Fuzzy Logic in Hybrid Intelligent Systems 3:30 PM
Thursday PM Free Time 4:45 PM
NAFIPS Meetings 4:45 PM
Reception Wozniak Lounge 6:00 PM


Friday Registration 8:30 AM
Sugeno Plenary 9:00 AM
Coffee Friday AM 10:00 AM
Friday AM Parallel Sessions 10:20 AM
Coffee Friday PM 3:00 PM
Friday PM Panel Session - Fuzzy Logic in Industrial Applications 3:30 PM
Friday PM Free Time 4:45 PM
NAFIPS Meetings 4:45 PM
Banquet University Art Museum
  • Gallery Viewing 6:00 PM
  • Wine Tasting 6:30 PM
  • Dinner 8:00 PM
  • 6:00 PM


    Saturday Registration 8:30 AM
    Zimmermann Plenary 9:00 AM
    Coffee Saturday AM 10:00 AM
    Saturday AM Parallel Sessions
    Saturday Lunch 12:00 PM
    Saturday PM Parallel Sessions
    Coffee Saturday PM 3:00 PM
    Saturday PM Panel Session - Fuzzy Logic: Present and Future Directions 3:30 PM
    Farewell Address 4:45 PM


    Thursday AM Parallel Sessions 10:20AM-12:00pm

    Analytical Issues in Control - Invited Session (Chairs: Langari and Yen)
    Analysis and Efficient Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Control Algorithms Reza Langari and W. Lei 10:20 AM
    A Polynomial Fuzzy Neural Network for Identification and Control Sungshin Kim, and G.Vachtsevanos 10:45 AM
    Polynomial Approach to the Synthesis of Stable Fuzzy Systems Dimitar Filev 11:10 AM
    On the Dynamical Properties of Fuzzy Control Systems Shehu FarinWata 11:35 AM

    Computer Vision (Chairs: Bezdek and Gader)
    Fuzzy Logic Rules in Low and Mid Level Computer Vision Tasks (Extended Overview) James Keller 10:20 AM
    "Integrating Fuzzy Rules into the Fast, Robust Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images" Anandhkumar Namasivayam and L.Hall 11:00 AM
    Fuzzy Relations for Feature-Model Correspondence in 3D Object Recognition Ellen Walker 11:20 AM
    A Selective Vision Algorithm Based on Aggregation of Fuzzy Evidence Sevket Gumustekin and R.Hall 11:40 AM

    Fuzzy Operators and Similarity (Chairs: Filev and Whalen)
    Aximos-based CNFs and DNFs Constructed by n-Variable-m-Dimensional Fundamental Clauses and Phrases Abraham Kandel Y.Q. Zhang 10:20 AM
    Binary Operators and Connective Rules V. Cutello, E.Molina and J. Montero 10:40 AM
    Uni-norms: A Unification of T-Norms and T-Conorms Ronald Yager and A. Rybalov 11:00 AM
    Synaptic and Somatic Operators for Fuzzy Neurons: Which T-norms to Choose? Adrian Stoica 11:20 AM
    Toward Fuzzy-Valued Matching and Similarity Assesment Tom Sudkamp and V. Cross 11:40 AM

    Fuzzy Decision Tools (Chairs: Meystel and Zimmermann)
    Fuzzy Logic on the Frontiers of Decision Analysis and Expert Systems (Extended Overview) Hans Zimmermann 10:20 AM
    On Fuzzy Criterion Set Dynamic Programming Augustine Esogbue and B. Liu 11:00 AM
    Fuzzy Decision Processes with Time-Average Fuzzy Rewards Yuji Yoshida 11:20 AM
    Locational Choice Modelling using Fuzzy Decision Tables Geert Wets, F. Witlox, H. Timmermans and J. Vanthienen 11:40 AM

    Modelling and Control (Chairs: Jamshidi and Fukuda)
    Levenberg-Marquardt Method for ANFIS Learning Jyh-Shing Jang and E. Mizutani 10:20 AM
    Hybrid Regression Analysis for Uncertainty Modelling Oscar Chang and B. Ayyub 10:45 AM
    Stability Analysis of Fuzzy Control Systems using Petri Nets Takashi Hasegawa, T. Furuhashi and Y.Uchikawa 11:10 AM
    Hyperstability Approach to Fuzzy Control Systems George Calcev and R. Gorez 11:35 AM

    Thursday PM Parallel Sessions 1:20pm-3:00pm

    Fuzzy Control I (Chairs: Isik and Langari)
    Design and Implementation of FEGCS: Fuzzy Elevator Group Control System Chang Bum Kim, K. Seong, H. Lee-Kwang and J. Kim 1:20 PM
    Quality Based Control for Drying Food Materials Valerie Davidson, S. Martineau and R.B. Brown 1:40 PM
    Robust Model-Based Fuzzy Observer for an Inverted Pendulum Michael Berger and M. Jelali 2:00 PM
    Between Fuzzy-PID and PID-Conventional Controllers: a Good Choice Matilde Santos, J.M. de la Cruz, S.Dormido and A.P. de Madrid 2:20 PM
    Dynamic Neural Network Control Of Nonlinear-Time Varying Systems: Stability Analysis, Optimal Network Structure, and On-line Adaptation Masoud Nikravesh 2:40 PM

    Handwriting Recognition - Invited Session (Chairs: Gader and Bezdek)
    Fuzzy Methods in Handwriting Recognition: An Overview Paul Gader and J. Keller 1:20 PM
    Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques in the Recognition of Written Arabic Characters Faouzi Bouslama 1:45 PM
    Multi-Script Handwriting Recognition with FOHDEL Ashutosh Malaviya, C. Leja and L. Peters 2:10 PM
    Multi-Script Handwriting Recognition with FOHDEL (Demo) Ashutosh Malaviya, C. Leja and L. Peters 2:35 PM

    Fuzzy Neural Networks (Chairs: Green-Hall and Takagi)
    Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Systems: Recent Developments and Future Directions (Extended Overview) Madan Gupta 1:20 PM
    One-Day Ahead Electric Load Forecasting with Hybrid Fuzzy-Neural Networks Dipti Srinivasan, C.S. Chang and S.S. Tan 2:00 PM
    Dividing Oil Fields into Regions with Similar Characteristic Behavior Using Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Approaches Masoud Nikravesh, A.R. Kovscek and T.W. Patzek 2:20 PM
    A New Computational Framework for Vague Patterns and Symbols Takeshi Furuhashi, Y. Hattori and Y. Uchikawa 2:40 PM

    Fundamental Issues I (Chairs: L. Hall and Cross)
    Measures of Nonspecificty for Decomposing Possibility Distributions Jorg Gebhardt and R. Kruse 1:20 PM
    Probabilities in Varieties of MV-Algebras Antonio DiNola, G. Georgescu and A. Lettieri 1:40 PM
    On Robust Fuzzy Systems Sergei Ovchinnikov 2:00 PM
    Embedding Lattices of Fuzzy Subgroups into Lattices of Crisp Subgroups Tom Head 2:20 PM
    "Similarity Measures of Events, Relational Event Algebra, and Extensions to Fuzzy Logic" I. Goodman 2:40 PM

    Thursday PM Panel Session - Fuzzy Logic in Hybrid Intelligent Systems 3:30 PM


    Friday AM Parallel Sessions

    Neural and Fuzzy Control (Chairs: Jang and Gruver)
    Customer Satisfaction Assesment through a Fuzzy Neural Controller Ying-Feng Kuo, C. Temponi and H.W. Corley 10:20 AM
    Black Box Modelling of a Structure Unknown High Efficiency Boiler Applying Neural Networks with Locally Distributed Dynamics Jochen Ohl, M. Ayoubi and M. Kurth 10:40 AM
    A High Precision Fuzzy-Neural Controller Based on Data Remodification Tiehua Zhang and W. Gruver 11:00 AM
    Real Time Neuro-Fuzzy Control of a Nonlinear Dynamic System A. Jana, P.H. Yang, D.M. Auslander and R.N. Dave 11:20 AM
    A Neuro-Fuzzy Controller For Yo-Yo System Seung-ha Lee, K.H. Shim and Z. Bien 11:40 AM

    Pattern Recognition I (Chairs: Keller and Krishnapuram)
    Some New Competitive Learning Models (Extended Overview) James Bezdek 10:20 AM
    Including Auxiliary Information in Fuzzy Clustering Paul Kersten 11:00 AM
    Competitive Fuzzy Clustering Hichem Frigui and R. Krishnapuram 11:20 AM
    Efficient Coding by Neuro-fuzzy Clustering in Vector Quantization of Wavelet Decomposed Signals Sunanda Mitra and S. Pemmaraju 11:40 AM

    Fuzzy Logic Advances in Japan - Invited Session (Chairs: Hirota and Fukuda)
    Fuzzy Inference Based on a Weighted Average of Fuzzy Sets and Its Application to ATM Network Control Kiyohiko Uehara and K. Hirota 10:20 AM
    Quadratic Stability and Stabilization of Fuzzy Control Systems Kazuo Tanaka, T. Ikeda and H. Wang 10:45 AM
    Intelligent Control of a Car with N Trailers - Trajectory Stabilization and GA-based Path Planning - KazuoTanaka and T. Kosaki 11:10 AM
    A Fuzzy Knowledge Representation Method Kaoru Hirota and Y. Nakagawa 11:35 AM

    Data Mining (Chairs: Zemankova and Pedrycz)
    Data Mining and Fuzzy Modelling (Extended Overview) Witold Pedrycz 10:20 AM
    Aspects of Approximate Reasoning Applied to Unsupervised Database Mining Lawrence Mazlack 11:00 AM
    Formal Aspects of Fuzzy Logic-Approaches to Multiobjective Control Enrique Ruspini 11:20 AM
    Complex Quantified Statements in Database Flexible Querying Patrick Bosc and L. Lietard 11:40 AM

    Friday PM Parallel Sessions

    Fuzzy Modelling (Chairs: Turksen and Santos)
    An FPGA Implementation of a Self-Tuned Fuzzy Controller Kam-Wing Li, I.B. Turksen and K.C. Smith 1:20 PM
    "An Improved Fuzzy Modelling Algorithm, Part I: Inference Mechanism" Mohammad Emani, I.B. Turksen and A.A. Goldenburg 1:45 PM
    "An Improved Fuzzy Modeling Algorithm, Part II: System Identification" Mohammad Emani, I.B. Turksen and A.A. Goldenburg 2:10 PM
    The Archimedean Assumption in Fuzzy Set Theory Taner Bilgic 2:35 PM

    Approximate Reasoning (Chairs: Filev and Yager)
    Intelligent Fusion of Imprecise Information (Extended Overview) Ronald Yager 1:20 PM
    A Fuzzy Knowledge-based Approach to the Alternative Classification Problems Kuo-Sui Lin, W. McEwan and K.J. Farn 1:45 PM
    Intelligent System as an Object of Semiotic Research Alexander Meystel 2:10 PM
    Automatic Construction of Fuzzy Graphs for Function Approximation Michael Berthold and K.P. Huber 2:35 PM

    Intelligent Systems (Chairs: Ruspini and Zemankova)
    Intelligent Information Systems (Extended Overview) Maria Zemankova 1:20 PM
    Fuzzy Logic Needed for Intellectual Capital Management Systems Nancy Green-Hall, B. Stivers, T. Covin and S. Smalt 1:45 PM
    Fuzzy Knolwedge Base in Evaluation of Drilling Peter Imrich 2:10 PM
    A Neuro-fuzzy Computing Model of Human Pattern Generation Yutaka Hata, M. Lee and K. Yamato 2:35 PM

    Genetic Algorithms I (Chairs: Furuhashi and M.Lee)
    A Soft Computing Approach to the Metabolic Modeling John Yen, B. Lee and J. Liao 1:20 PM
    Using Genetic Algorithm for Extension and Fitting of Belief Measures and Plausibility Measures Zhenyuan Wang and J. Wang 1:40 PM
    System Optimization without Numerical Target Hideyuki Takagi 2:00 PM
    Soft Computing Paradigms for Learning Fuzzy Controllers with Applications to Robotics E. Tunstel, M.R. Akbarzadeh-T, K. Kumbla and M. Jamshidi 2:20 PM
    Evolutionary Algorithms Based Multiobjective Optimization Techniques for Intelligent Systems Design Michael Lee and H. Esbensen 2:40 PM

    Friday PM Panel Session - Fuzzy Logic in Industrial Applications 3:30 PM


    Saturday AM Parallel Sessions

    Control Applications (Chairs: Sugeno and Bien)
    Fuzzy Control Based Speed Regulation of Variable Reluctance Motor Farouk Ismail, S. Wahsh and A. Mohamed 10:20 AM
    Fuzzy Logic Rate Maintainence in Remotely Controlled Robotic Systems Robert Lea, E. Dohmann, J. Mica and Y. Jani 10:40 AM
    Fuzzy Control of an Automotive Active Suspension Seok-il Son and C. Isik 11:00 AM
    Optimization of an On-Chip Fuzzy Temperature Controller Jens Knobolch and T. Presberger 11:20 AM
    Soft Computing-Based Control System for Catalytic Craking Processes R. Aliev and A. Rashad 11:40 AM

    Pattern Recognition II (Chairs: Frigui and Cross)
    An Improved Possibilistic C-Means Algorithm with Finite Rejection and Robust Scale Estimation Olfa Nasraoui and R. Krishnapuram 10:20 AM
    M-Estimators and Robust Fuzzy Clustering Rajesh Dave and R. Krishnapuram 10:40 AM
    Labels Evaluation for the Fuzzy Patterns Recognition Boris Shukhat 11:00 AM
    Iterative Mean Aggregation Reza Olfati-Saber 11:20 AM
    The Use of Fuzzy Graph Grammars for Recognising Noisy Two-Dimensional Images Greg Watkins 11:40 AM

    Fuzzy Logic Applications - Invited Session (Chairs: Ulieru and Esogbue)
    A Dynamic Fuzzy Reasoning Method for Adaptive Diagnostic Systems Design Mihaela Ulieru and M.H. Smith 10:20 AM
    R&D on Fuzzy Logic Applications at SCK-CEN Da Ruan 10:40 AM
    Incorporating Fuzzy Sets in Intelligent Distributed Systems Gilberto Nakamiti and F. Gomide 11:00 AM
    Use of Fuzzy Feature Vectors and Neural Networks for Case Retrieval in Case Based Systems Julie Main, T.S. Dillon and R. Khosla 11:20 AM
    Fuzzy Control in Telecommunications Hans Hellendoorn 11:40 AM

    Saturday PM Parallel Sessions

    Fuzzy Rule Generation (Chairs: Hellendoorn and Isik)
    Generating Fuzzy Rules for Acceleration Control of an Adaptive Cruise Control System Rainer Holve, P. Protzel and K. Naab 10:20 AM
    Fuzzy Control System Design by Fuzzy Clustering and Self Organization Jianhua Chen and S. Kundu 10:40 AM
    Method And Software for Extracting Fuzzy Classification Rules by Subtractive Clustering Stephen Chiu 11:00 AM
    Generating Classification Rules with the Neuro-Fuzzy System NEFCLASS Detlef Nauck, U. Nauck and R. Kruse 11:20 AM
    Construction of Fuzzy Rule Base Using Hinging Hyperplanes Algorithm from Training Data Ondrej Cervinka 11:40 AM

    Fuzzy Control II (Chairs: Fukuda and Ulieru)
    An Approach to Incremental Fuzzy Modelling of Dependencies in Complex Systems Kanreddine Ouliddren and A. Nowe 1:20 PM
    Reinforcement-driven Adaptation of Control Relations Hans-Arno Jacobsen and J. Weisbrod 1:40 PM
    Design of Fuzzy Logic Controllers using Tabu Search Algorithm D. Karaboga 2:00 PM
    Reprogrammable Fuzzy Logic Finite State Machine Model Janos Grantner and M. Patyra 2:20 PM
    An Architecture of Fuzzy Logic Controller with Parallel Defuzzification Youngdal Kim and H. Lee-Kwang 2:40 PM

    Genetic Algorithms II (Chairs: M.Lee and Chiu)
    Virus-Evolutionary Genetic Algorithm - Ecological Model on Planar Grid - Naoyuki Kubota, K. Shimojima and T. Fukuda 1:20 PM
    Compound Derivations in Fuzzy Genetic Programming Andreas Geyer-Schulz 1:40 PM
    The Concepts of Fuzzy Sets and Genetic Algorithms: Contrasts and Similarities of Expectations and Development Patterns Luiz Legey 2:00 PM
    On the Usage of Differential Evolution for Function Optimization Rainer Storn 2:20 PM
    Differential Evolution: A Fast and Simple Numerical Optimizer Kenneth Price 2:40 PM

    Fundamental Issues II (Chairs: Klir and Kruse)
    A New Valuation of Fuzzy Connectives for Fuzzy Control Michael Berger 1:20 PM
    On Kleene-Diens Inference Thomas Whalen 1:40 PM
    Applying Geometric Compatibility Modification in FuzzyCLIPS Valerie Cross and A. Rajagopal 2:00 PM
    "Fuzzy Logic, Logic Programming, and Linear Logic: Towards a New Understanding of Common Sense" Hung Nguyen and V. Kreinovich 2:20 PM
    Relative Uncertainty: Measuring Uncertainty in Discrete and Nondiscrete Domains Luis Rocha 2:40 PM

    Fuzzy Measures and Integrals (Chairs: Kreinovich and Sangalli)
    Detecting Constructions of Nonlinear Integral Systems from Input-Output Data: An Application of Neural Networks Jia Wang and Z. Wang 1:20 PM
    Convergence Theorems for Sequences of Choquet Integrals and the Stability of Nonlinear Integral Systems George Klir and Z. Wang 1:40 PM
    Constructing Fuzzy Measures: A New Method and Its Applications to Cluster Analysis Bo Yuan and G. Klir 2:00 PM
    Fuzzy Measures Of Aggregated Evidences Kim Le 2:20 PM
    Fuzzy Convolution as a Nonlinear Digital Filter Keon-Myung Lee, J. Favrel, H. Lee-Kwang and C.B. Kim 2:40 PM

    Soft Computing in Russia - Invited Session (Chairs: Perfilieva and Jang)
    Consistency of Models for Approximate Reasoning and Systems of Fuzzy Relational Equations Irina Perfilieva and A. Tonis
    Invariant Fuzzy Measures on a Finite Algebra A. Karkishchenko
    Fuzzy Logics Simulation Technology in General Strategy of Intelligent Systems Designing A. Averkin

    Saturday PM Panel Session - Fuzzy Logic: Present and Future Directions 3:30 PM

    Farewell Address 4:45 PM