CFP: AI Track, ACM Applied Computing, Feb 28->Mar2, San Jose

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**Call For Papers**

February 28-March 2, 1997
Holiday Inn, San Jose, California, U. S. A.

Over the past eleven years, Symposium on Applied Computing has become a
primary forum for applied computer scientists and application developers
from around the world to interact and present their work. SAC '97 is
sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Groups SIGAda, SIGAPP, SIGBIO, and

Special track on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A special track on Artificial Intelligence will be held in SAC '97. It
will be a forum for scientists, engineers, researchers and practitioners
throughout the world to share technical ideas and experiences relating to
implementation, application and evaluation of Artificial Intelligence
techniques. Authors are invited to contribute original papers, or
abstracts for a poster, in all areas of AI applications. Major topics of
interest include, but are not limited to the following:

o Intelligent Front-Ends
o Natural Language Processing
o Diagram Interpretation
o User Modelling
o Integration with existing software or data systems, particularly GIS
o Design or selection of information presentations (esp. multi-modal)
o Automatic design of software interfaces or other tools

Proposals for tutorials (half or full day) and panel sessions are also invited.

Guidelines For Submission

Original presentations dealing with any aspect of Artificial Intelligence
will be considered for presentation and/or publication in the SAC '97
Proceedings. This includes three categories of submissions:
1) original and unpublished research;
2) reports of innovative applications in the arts, sciences,
engineering, business, government, education and industry; and,
3) reports of successful technology transfer to new problem domains.

All submissions will be subject to peer review.

Accepted papers in all categories will be published in the symposium
proceedings. Expanded versions of selected papers from all categories will
be considered for publication in the ACM/SIGAPP quarterly Applied Computing
Review or one of the other participating SIGs' publications.

o An intention-to-submit by email to
would be appreciated. Please include the title, some keywords and a
one-paragraph summary of the paper and an indication of whether you
intend to submit electronically or on paper.

o The body of a paper should not exceed 4,000 words
(approx. 15 pages, double-spaced). The abstract for a poster
should not exceed 4 sides.

o Author name(s) and address(es) must NOT appear in the body
of the submission, and self reference should be in third person.

o Separate from the paper or abstract, authors must provide the following
contact information:

o title of the paper
o author(s) and affiliation(s),
o address for correspondence (with fax and phone number)
o email address for correspondence (if available).

If an email address is given, it will be used.

o All papers must be received by the Track Chair by SEPTEMBER 2nd, 1996.

NOTE that this deadline is later than the general conference deadline,
but is FINAL, and any submissions received after it will be ignored.

o Poster abstracts can be submitted at any time until the 31st of
January, 1997. Authors of submissions received before 31st December
1996 will be notified of acceptance by the end of the month following
their submission.

o TO SUBMIT ON PAPER, send the Track Chair a single package
o FOUR copies of the manuscript
o ONE separate cover sheet containing contact information.
Please ensure that the package is clearly marked as a submission to
the SAC'97.

o ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS can be accepted as either a single
file of ASCII text or a single file postscript. These files
must not identify the authors of the papers
Use anonymous ftp to transfer that file to

Put it in the directory /pub/SAC/incoming, using a file name derived
from the title. When you have done this, send an email notification
to the track chair ( This should have the
subject line ``SAC Submission'', and should contain the contact
information for the paper, the name and length in bytes of the file
transferred and the time it was transferred.

Current information about the track, and further information about
the Symposium, will be available at

General enquiries should be sent to the Symposium Chair or the Programme
Chair. Proposals for panels, tutorials and workshops should be sent to the
Programme Chair by August 15, 1996.

Enquiries and submissions relating to this special track should be sent to:

Robert Inder
(SAC '97 Artificial Intelligence Track Chair)
Human Communication Research Centre
University of Edinburgh
2, Buccleuch Place,
Tel: (+44) 31 650 4449
Fax: (+44) 31 650 4587

| |
| AUGUST 15, 1996 Papers and Proposals Due |
| OCTOBER 15, 1996 Notification of Acceptance |
| DECEMBER 1, 1996 Camera-Ready Paper Due |

SAC '97 Officials

Programme Chair

Barrett R. Bryant
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
1300 University Blvd.
Birmingham, AL 35294-1170, U. S. A.

Tel: +1 205 934 2213
FAX: +1 205 934 5473

Symposium Chair: Symposium Co-chair:

Jim Hightower K.M. George
Mgmt. Science/Information Systems Dept. Computer Science Dept., MS 218
California State University-Fullerton Oklahoma State University
Fullerton, CA 92634-9480 Stillwater, OK 74078

Phone: (714) 773-2221 Phone: (405) 744-5221
Fax: (714) 449-5940 Fax: (405) 744-9097
E-mail: E-mail:


Ada and Software Engineering Steve Grimaldi, UHD (USA)

Artificial Intelligence Robert Inder, University of Edinburgh (UK)

Biomedical Computing Donna Mooney, Univ. Arkansas for Med. Sci. (USA)

Computational Logic and Ralph Wilkerson, Univ. of Missouri-Rolla (USA)
Logic Programming

Computer and Mohammad S. Obaidat, City Univ. New York (USA)
Telecommunication Networks

Computer Uses in Education Jim Hightower, Calif. St. Univ.-Fullerton (USA)

Database Technology Masaru Kitsuregawa, Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)

Fuzzy Applications E. Damiani, Univ. di Milano (Italy)

Genetic Algorithms Roger Wainwright, University of Tulsa (USA)

Mobile Computing Systems Dorota M. Huizinga, Calif. St. U-Fullerton (USA)and Applications

Multimedia Systems Brajendra Panda, Alababama A&M University (USA)

Parallel and Distributed Keqin Li, State Univ. New York-New Paltz (USA)

Programming Languages Hisham Al-Haddad, Marshall University (USA)

Scientific Computing S. Lakshmivarahan, University of Oklahoma (USA)

Direct general inquiries to the Symposium Chair or the Programme Chair.

Dr. Robert Inder,                         HCRC, 2, Buccleuch Place,
                                          Edinburgh EH8 9LW Scotland
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