IEE Colloquium: Fuzzy Logic Controllers in Practice

Martin Brown (
Wed, 29 May 1996 17:04:44 +0200



Fuzzy Logic Controllers in Practice

A Colloquium on "Fuzzy logic controllers in practice" is being
organised by the PG C9 (Applied control techniques). It will be held
at Savoy Place on Friday, 15 November 1996.

Fuzzy logic controllers have been used in as far reaching application
fields as aerospace, automation systems, financial control systems,
embedded systems such as anti shake devices in camcorders to program
selection in washing machines to PLCs and loop control
instrumentation. There are also many types of fuzzy logic toolboxes
and configuration software available in the market place. The
objective of the Colloquium is to bring to the attention of users and
developers in industry and academia the latest development in this
area of control engineering. The focus will be on best practices and
current state of the art in "real applications" of fuzzy control in
embedded systems as well as DCS type environments.

Papers are invited on topics associated with the design, programming
and implementation of controllers in embedded as well as large
industrial applications of fuzzy logic controllers. Particular points
of interest are:

* B7 Industrial Fuzzy Logic Controllers including hardware modules
as well as software toolboxes and configuration platforms for
PLCs/loop control instrumentation
* B7 Applications of Fuzzy Logic Control to industrial or embedded
* B7 Case studies of real industrial trials of Fuzzy and Adaptive
Fuzzy controllers

Prospective authors are requested to submit a summary of approximately
400 words to Dr C Mohtadi, Eurotherm Controls Ltd, Faraday Close,
Worthing BN13 3PL or e-mail to: by no later than
Friday 23 August 1996.