Re: postdoc position

Tue, 28 May 1996 17:53:47 +0200

I am looking for a software that can handle a large database with
real-time inputs :
-up to 200,000 spreadsheet.
-each spreadsheet has up to 20 ( 20 or less ) variables and some of the
items have some kind of related behavior .
-The input is in ASCII format and in real time ...the numbers coming to
the PC from another device continuously during normal business hours .
Discretion of what I am looking for a software to do:
- predict the future number(s) or variable(s) of my choice .
-chart the result in different graphs ( line. Bar . dots...etc..)
-shows any point number on the chart using a scroll bar .
-user friendly.
-Support multilevel spreadsheet .here is a funny example:
(I have a database for a social worker department in a large company
100,000 employees( men ) , which contains alot of spreadsheets each
represents a man ... each spreadsheet contains rows presenting unlimited
numbers of days, and columns representing information about that man
..weight, length, income, age, hours of work, how many wives, pound of
food eaten,...etc.. )
some manís wife has 5 boy friends , each boy friend may have another
spreadsheet which contains different type of columns in different time
series (rows) and some of the boy friends may or may not be employed at
that same company ( if employed , he will have a spreadsheet containing
his own information.
The boy friends spreadsheet information effect on the manís information
Can I run the software on the complete database and predict (for one or
number of men in any spreadsheet ) hours of work tomorrow or his income
for the next year or pound of food will he eat next numbers of days ...
or can I make THE SOFTWARE to find the relation between different boy
friendís spreadsheetís information or a manís spreadsheetís information
and another manís information and predict one man information (like how
many hours will the man work at a given date in the future or at what
date or time in the future will the man eat sum pounds of food...
Finally .. if I have more than one database .. can I run the software on
all of them to find some hidden relationships between them .
( pls. note that some cells contain letters like abc XYZ ...etc. .. )
what technology is most suitable.. neural network, fuzzy logic, expert
system, generic algorithm, or a combination... etc..
Sam Jesse
UPLAND, CA. 91786 -4130