Re: Fuzzy Genetic Algorithms

Ulrich Bodenhofer (
Fri, 17 May 1996 12:20:42 +0200

Dear colleague!

I guess "Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm" (fga) is just a collective term for a
class of methods which combine fuzzy logic (control) and GAs in some way.
However, the term is used (defined) differently in a more narrow sense by
various researchers (e.g. Buckley and Hayashi [1994] but many more).

If you are interested in that topic, I can offer you BibTeX files which
contain references on publications dealing with fuzzy GAs (fga.bib) and
GAs in general (ga.bib).
You can access them via anonymous login at our server

They can be found in the directory


You can also choose a more comfortable way and access them via WWW.
The address is


contains the abstract of one paper dealing with the genetic optimization of a
certain fuzzy system. A Gnu-zipped PostScript file containing this paper is
available there.
Maybe my master thesis ("Tuning Of Fuzzy Systems Using Genetic Algorithms")
can also be a help for you. It is available on

With best regards,

Ulrich Bodenhofer

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