Re: PID vs FLC

Branko Pecar (
Thu, 16 May 1996 16:36:59 +0200

"Steven L. Collins" <> wrote:

>I'm looking for references on "PID vs FLC" in real industrial control
>applications (Not the inverted pendulum type stuff!)

>Thanks for any help!
>Steven L. Collins


I can refer you to S. Joe Qin articles published at various control
conferences or by Instrument Society of America.

Joe Qin works for Fisher-Rosemount and managed to put in practise auto
tuned fuzzy logic control and other wierd and wonderful things. As a
matter of fact one of his articles presented at American Control
Conference in 1994 in Baltimore ("Auto tuned fuzzy logic control")
talks about advantages over PID. His email used to be,
but I am not sure that this is still the case.

Good luck.


Branko Pecar