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Thu, 9 May 1996 15:13:02 +0200

: Di Chiazza, Rodolfo <> wrote:

: > Hi there!
: >
: > I'm looking for "some kind of" fuzzy logic language (if exists).
: >
: > The purpose is to get a language that lets me express rules for an
: > expert system in a Nuclear Power Center in Argentina. This system should
: > help in making a "diagnostic" when anormal events happen.
: >
: > Anything related could help, since we're in the begining (and we still
: > have "open minds").
: >

If you're looking for an AI programming language, as opposed to
an implementation of simple if/then rules containing fuzzy sets,
then you might be interested in Fril:

FRIL (Fuzzy Relational Inference Language) is a logic-programming
language that incorporates a consistent method for handling
uncertainty, based on Baldwin's theories of support logic, mass
assignments, and evidential reasoning. Mass assignments give a
consistent way of manipulating fuzzy and probabilistic uncertainties,
enabling different forms of uncertainty to be integrated within a
single framework. Fril has a list-based syntax, similar to the early
micro-Prolog from LPA. Prolog is a special case of Fril, in which
programs involve no uncertainty. Fril runs on Unix, Macintosh,
MS-DOS, and Windows 3.1 platforms.

For further information, write to

Dr B.W. Pilsworth
Fril Systems Ltd
Bristol Business Centre,
Maggs House,
78 Queens Rd,
Bristol BS8 1QX, UK.

A longer description is available as

(cut straight from

The paper:

Baldwin, J.F., T.P. Martin, and A. Tocatlidou,
Uncertainty Management in Radioactive Waste Repository Site Assessment.
Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 1994. 74: p. 81-92.

might also be of some interest.

Trevor Martin