Re: Fuzzy Logic Language

Edgar L. Dohmann (
Thu, 9 May 1996 13:22:02 +0200

Di Chiazza, Rodolfo <> wrote:

> Hi there!
> I'm looking for "some kind of" fuzzy logic language (if exists).
> The purpose is to get a language that lets me express rules for an
> expert system in a Nuclear Power Center in Argentina. This system should
> help in making a "diagnostic" when anormal events happen.
> Anything related could help, since we're in the begining (and we still
> have "open minds").

Fuzzy Programming Language (FPL) which was developed by Togai InfraLogic
in 1988 is probably the first such language of the type that you seek. Now
in version 3, FPL can be used to describe fuzzy logic systems with a
simple text editor or with the graphics-oriented TILShell tool.

Once an FPL-formatted text file is generated (whether with a text editor
or a graphics design tool), it can be converted to ANSI-C source code with
the TIL Fuzzy-C Development package (DOS or Windows based).

In a simple case, you will only need the Fuzzy-C Development System which
includes a DOS-based compiler to convert the FPL file that you create with
a text editor to ANSI-C source code.

For more complex applications you may want to consider one of the TILShell
packages which are configured and priced for a full range of users and
applications from beginning experimenters to advanced control system

I invite you to check out TILShell and the Fuzzy Programming Language at

-- Edgar Dohmann