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Sam Sengupta (
Thu, 9 May 1996 13:25:47 +0200

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On Wed, 8 May 1996, Satyanath Shankaran wrote:

> I believe there is a field of science which deals with calculations where
> accuracy is not very important. For example our brains do lot of calculations
> in our daily life. But most of them are not very accurate, but great accuracy
> is also not needed in daily life. Take the case of applying brakes while

The way you are describing the problem domain appears to be ideally suited
for fuzzy logic. However, there is another angle to it which I am going to
anticipate here. If "precision" could be sacrificed for earlier
deliberation, you might be interested in "Anytime computing". For reference,
I suggest you search WWW for Zilberstein (he has a host of papers there which
might be quite useful), Horvitz, etc. Hope you'd find what you are looking

Sam Sengupta.