Job-Offered: Senior Quantitative Analyst

Martin A Serrano (
Wed, 8 May 1996 13:05:20 +0200

Job-Offered: Senior Quantitative Analyst

Tessera is looking for senior quantitative analysts to deliver high-end
analytic work focusing on data mining, prediction and classification of
marketing problems. Responsibilities will include building linear
regression models, performing segmentation analyses, exploration of
emerging technologies, and the development of production code.
Candidates should be well versed in SAS (BASE/STAT, and possibly ETS) on a
UNIX environment, and should posses a Masterís degree in a quantitative
field (Economics, Econometrics, Statistics, Mathematics). Candidates
should also have 3+ years of experience building and designing
classification and prediction models. Experience with segmentation
schemes, factor analysis, cluster analysis is required. Experience and
interest in neural networks, decision tree algorithms, genetic algorithms,
k-nearest neighbors, fuzzy logic is preferred. (Job Code: UGQA)


Tessera is a leading developer of large scale, high performance
customer management and marketing decision support solutions and is a
pioneer on the use of parallel technology for marketing systems.
Formed in early 1995, the Tessera team has successfully designed and
implemented 15+, 200+ gigabyte high performance marketing information
systems for many of the leading telecommunication, financial, catalog
and retail organizations. All of these systems are based on
demonstrable business opportunities and designed to maximize
competitive advantage using customers' existing information assets.

The Tessera teams experience yields three critical benefits to their

1. Proven methodologies for quickly assessing an organization's
warehousing requirements and establishing actionable strategies and

2. Unique knowledge regarding the use of warehoused information to
drive world-class marketing programs.

3. Practical hands-on experience implementing very large warehouses on
parallel computers using relational database management systems.

We believe the path for accomplishing this mission is as important as
the mission itself. We are committed to taking a flexible and
progressive approach to high technology development and providing the
best possible environment for success. Tessera is located in
Wakefield, MA, 15 miles north of Boston. For more information you can
check out our web site

If you are interested, please call Laura Dawson at (617) 246-9024 ext.
7166. You may also email me at, or fax (617)

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