Re: Fuzzy logic languages

Diego R. Lopez (
Tue, 7 May 1996 17:18:33 +0200

> I'm looking for "some kind of" fuzzy logic language (if exists).
> The purpose is to get a language that lets me express rules for an
> expert system in a Nuclear Power Center in Argentina. This system should
> help in making a "diagnostic" when anormal events happen.
> Anything related could help, since we're in the begining (and we still
> have "open minds").

We are working in a language for defining systems in fuzzy logic called
XFL. We have developed a compiler which tranlates it into C and we are
finishing the alpha-test phase. We have not made any announcement yet because
all the documentation is writen in Spanish (for the moment). Since I
think you have no problem in using Spanish docs, tell me if you are interested
and I'll make them (parsers and docs) available to you.


Diego R. Lopez