Neural Fuzzy Systems: 15 Lectures Online

Robert Fuller (
Fri, 3 May 1996 12:58:10 +0200

Dear Colleauges,

I have made public my 15 lectures on Neural Fuzzy
Systems being delivered for graduate and undergraduate
students at Turku Center for Computer Science in 1995
and 1996.

The URL is

You can also download a case study and the
last exam (with solutions).

In case of postscript errors pelase inform me.

Comments are welcome. Each message will be acknowledged.

Please note that my online lecture notes (around 200 pages)
are based on my book on Neural Fuzzy Systems (249 pages)
published by Abo Akadenmi in October 1995.

Unfortunately, we have sold out all the copies
(even the first reprint), and it will be republished
in the nearest future only if we receive a
"considerable large" number of orders.

There are several bibliographies on Neural Fuzzy
Systems, I tried to include in my lectures as
many recent results as possible, however, my
students do not have a 15 years' experience in
"fuzzy thinking" and the presented lectures
are only simplified versions of the material
published in my book.

I hope that my online lectures can help
you in your teaching or/and research work.

With my best wishes.