Re: double inverted pendulum

Dr. Aivars Celmins (celms@ARL.MIL)
Fri, 3 May 1996 12:04:05 +0200

Mike Hunt wrote:

m> James Hayes wrote:
m> >
m> > Hi folks,just a quick question. Has anyone successfully implemented a
m> > double inverted pendulum and if so would they be willing to share this
m> > information with me.

m> If you mean "successfully controlled a double inverted pendulum"
m> then the answer is yes, though I'm not sure if it has been done
m> using fuzzy logic. Suykens, Vandewalle, and De Moor describe a
m> neural network solution to the problem in their book, "Artificial
m> Neural Networks for Modelling and Control of Non-Linear Systems".
m> It was published by Kluwer Publishing earlier this year.

A fuzzy logic implementation was reported at the 3rd IFSA Congress in
Seattle 1989. The paper is titled "Identification of Fuzzy Rules in
a Manual Control System" and the authors were Shigehiro Masui,
Toshiro Terano, and Yoshimasa Sugaya, Hosei University. Kajino-cho,
Koganei, Tokyo.
See pages 71-74 of the Proceedings.

Aivars Celmins <>