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Constantin von Altrock (
Thu, 2 May 1996 11:43:17 +0200

Dear Rodolfo

In your e-mail you asked for fuzzy logic languages:

> I'm looking for "some kind of" fuzzy logic language (if exists).
> The purpose is to get a language that lets me express rules for an
> expert system in a Nuclear Power Center in Argentina. This system should
> help in making a "diagnostic" when anormal events happen.
> Anything related could help, since we're in the begining (and we still
> have "open minds").
> Such language could be a "theoretical" one, or it could be an
> implementation that you know. I know about logic languages, and heard little
> about what I'm looking for. Thanks everybody!

As far as I know, a number of such languages has been developed. Our
group has developed the Fuzzy Technology Language (FTL), that is an
open ASCII type language that you can use to describe a complete
fuzzy logic system. For FTL, a large number of compilers is available
that can translate this system description into C code, assembly
code, or PLC function blocks for later implementation. Also,
graphical development systems such as fuzzyTECH provide complete
development, debug, and test tools on the basis of FTL.

For more information, refer to the book "Fuzzy Logic and NeuroFuzzy
Applications Explained" by Prentice Hall. I do know that is
available at some book stores in Buenos Aires. It does contain a complete
syntax description of FTL as well as sample software that lets you
work with FTL.

If you have further questions, please send me e-mail.


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