Online Lecture Notes on Fuzzy Decision Making

Robert Fuller (
Wed, 1 May 1996 16:45:41 +0200

Dear colleauges,

Under the URL

you can find the Lecture Notes of my short (7 lectures) course
on Fuzzy Decision Making, which is being delivered for undergraduate
and graduate students at Turku Center for Computer Science,
Turku, Finland.

You can download my lecture notes (around 100 pages in ps.gz
format) and I hope you can use them in your
teaching and/or research work.

I have used the following literature in my course
(which has been made available for my students)

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methodology, TIMS/Studies in the Management sciences,
20(1984) 11-28.

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Efficiency of solutions,
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Setting, Resource Allocation
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You can also download a case study from fuzzy decision making
(students are not allowed to pass the exam without accepted
case study).

With my best wishes.
Robert Fuller