Call for Papers

Friedrich Steimann (100607.704@CompuServe.COM)
Wed, 1 May 1996 15:58:26 +0200

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MEDICINE invites potential contributors to
submit original research papers for a guest-edited special issue on


Lotfi A. Zadeh himself anticipated very early that medical diagnosis would
be the most likely domain of his theory. Despite this prominent forecast,
work on fuzzy set theory in medicine has largely remained that of
individuals and is still considered informal and ad hoc by many. This is
the more surprising as fuzzy sets formalize gradation, a natural
characteristic of medicine that is incompatible with the discrete nature of
classical AI. Interest of the medical AI community in fuzzy set theory
should thus be vital.

With the coming special issue Artificial Intelligence in Medicine wishes to
establish a forum for the investigation, discussion, valuation and
proliferation of fuzzy set theory and its application to medicine. Welcome
topics include, but are not limited to:

- uncertainty management with fuzzy sets;
- fuzzy classification;
- fuzzy scores and ranking;
- compensating operators in medical reasoning;
- fuzzy medical knowledge bases;
- fuzziness and the medical record;
- fuzzy temporal propositions and reasoning;
- defuzzification and the interpretation of fuzzy output;
- fuzzy sets, human cognition, and the computer-human interface; and
- fuzzy-controlled devices.

Potential authors are requested to submit 3 copies of their manuscript by
August 6, 1996, to the

Dr. Friedrich Steimann
Institute of Medical Informatics
University of Hildesheim
Samelsonplatz 1
31141 Hildesheim

Manuscripts should be typed on good quality paper of uniform size (A4 or
8.5 by 11 inches), double-spaced and leaving wide margins of at least 3 cm.
Each manuscript should include the title of the contribution, the author's
or authors' name(s), complete address(es), e-mail address(es), fax and
telephone numbers, an abstract of about 100 words accompanied by a list of
a few keywords, consecutively numbered sections with headings, and
references. A manuscript should never exceed 40 pages. Complete SUBMISSION
GUIDELINES are available upon request from the guest editor.

Submissions due: August 6, 1996
Notification of acceptance/rejection: December 6, 1996
Submission of revised versions: January 31, 1997
Date of publication: June, 1997

All authors are invited to submit an abstract by Mai 31, 1996, to express
their intent to submit a paper.