Fuzzy Applications workshop

Guillermo Irazoki (girazoki@ikerlan.es)
Wed, 1 May 1996 15:49:40 +0200

Fuzzy Solutions in product and process improvement

Date: 17th May 1996
Venue: Paraninfo de la Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de San Sebasti=E1n
Plaza de O=F1ati, 2 - San Sebastian-Donostia

Fee: 20.000 pts. wich includes all documentation, coffee break, luncheon
and VAT.
How to register
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Payment can be made by bank transfer in pesetas to: Caja Laboral Mondrag=
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Payment can also be made in cash in the registration desk on Fuzzy day.

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Hotel accomodation
The cost of hotel accomodation is not included in the fee. Participants
who require=20
accomodation may wish to contact Eroski (an independent hotel booking agent)=
International phone: 34-43-430048 or 425876
International fax: 34-43-430196
Ref: Fuzzy day

8:45 h

9:00 h
Opening of the workshop
Guillermo Echenique , Economy and tourism Deputy of the Regional Government
of Guipuzcoa

9:15 h
Introduction to the workshop
Carlos Redondo, General Director of IKERLAN -Spain

9:30 h
State of the art and trends in fuzzy logic
Dr. Carlos Sierra- IIIA (Institute of Research in Artificial
Intelligence-CSIC)- Spain

10:15 h
World wide fuzzy logic market
Prof. Arien V.d. Wal, OMRON Electronics Europe Fuzzy R&D program Director-

11:00 h
Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Logic at General Electric
Dr. Piero Bonissone, Coolidge Fellow, GE Corporate Research & Development=

11:45 h

12:00 h
Fuzzy Tools and Applications from SIEMENS
Dr. Herbert Eichfeld, Project Manager, SIEMENS AG Corporate Research and

12:45 h
Fuzzy applications development of IKERLAN n Automotive , Home Appliance and
Goods industries
Dr. Ra=FAl Reyero, Head of the Control Engineering Department of IKERLAN,=
Juan Pedro Uribe, Research Scientist of the Artificial Intelligence
Department of IKERLAN, Spain=20


14:00 h

15:30 h
Process control applications and INFORM Fuzzy Application Development Tools
Dr. Constantin Von Altrock, Director Fuzzy Technologies Division, INFORM
GmbH, Germany

16:15 h
International and National R&D projects support programs
Dr. Jos=E9 Luis Verdegay, ACTI-CICYT, Spain

17:00 h

Also, all the speakers will present the development areas that they are
working on

Travel :
San Sebastian can be reached through Sondica airport in Bilbao or Parme
airport in Biarritz.
Language: English/Spanish and Spanish/English translation will be provided