Re: FSS-special volume

H. M. Hubey (
Thu, 25 Apr 1996 10:11:52 +0200

In you write:

>> Special Issue on Fuzzy Arithmetic
>> We have, with pleasure, accepted an invitation by Prof Hans-Juergen
>> Zimmermann to edit a Special Issue of Fuzzy Sets and Systems on
>> Fuzzy Arithmetic. We hereby want to invite
>> authors active in the field to submitt full-length papers to the
>> Special Issue.

I have some brand new unpublished work in fuzzy logic but I don't
know if it fits the description. Other than some new discrete
multiple valued logics, I have some ideas which could be important.

First, I show how implication can be recast in terms of well
known functions. Then I show how using this idea one can
derive many different types of fuzzy algebra/logic. At the end
I show how one can cast the max and min functions in terms of
elementary functions of arithmetic/algebra and then show how one
can then produce (a) an infinite set of fuzzy AND, OR, NOT (and of
course, implication, and the rest) which meet the criteria
in say Klir's books and (b) show how then one can differentiate and
integrate these functions (including min and max) in a straightforward
way. I also show many different types of infinite-valued AND, OR etc.

If these ideas are not suitable for the special issue (and they
probably are not) can you please send me the email address of
Professor Hans-Juergen Zimmerman. Perhaps the ideas can be published
in a regular issue.

Thanks very much.