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International Workshop on Flexible Query-Answering Systems


Roskilde University, Denmark
May 22-24, 1996


Following the first event in 1994 we hereby announce the second Flexible
Query-Answering Systems workshop FQAS'96 to take place in Roskilde, Denmark
at May 22-24, 1996.
The workshop provides a forum for discussing issues and current research in
logic, fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence, databases, natural language
and knowledge representation, related to enhancements of inquiring or
query-answering systems into intelligent/flexible systems. As the amount of
information available from local or distributed information bases
increases, so does the demand for advanced means for accessing that
information. In need are interfaces and system functionality that appears
both easy to use and flexible in answering the users' needs, in other words
systems with flexibility in both querying and answering.

Amihai Motro Lars Baekgaard
Bernadette Bouchon-Menuier M. Amparo Vila
Gregers Kock Olivier Pivert
Hans Dybkjaer Patrick Bosc
Henning Christiansen Peter Ingwersen
Henri Prade Rita De Caluwe
Henrik Legind Larsen Robert Demolombe
Jonas Barklund Ronald R. Yager
Jorgen Fischer-Nilsson Stefania Costantini
Jose Nuno Oliveira Troels Andreasen

Troels Andreasen Email: troels@ruc.dk
Henrik Legind Larsen Email: hll@ruc.dk
Henning Christiansen Email: henning@ruc.dk

Invited Speakers
Robert Demolombe
"Answering queries about Validity and Completeness of data:
from Modal Logic to Relational Algebra"

Henri Prade
"Why and how using fuzzy sets in database systems?"

Ronald R. Yager
"Intelligent Agents in Information Systems"

List of accepted papers
Jonas Barklund and Pierangelo Dell'Acqua, Stefania Costantini and Gatetano
A. Lanzarone
"Multiple Metareasoning Agents"

Lars B{kgaard
"Flexible Manipulation of Schema Independent Databases"

Domenico Beneventano, Sonia Bergamaschi, Claudio Sartori
"Semantic Query Optimization by Subsumption in OODB"

Dan Rasmussen, Ronald R. Yager
"SummarySQL - A Flexible Fuzzy Query Language"

Hiroshi Tsuji, Sunsuke Akifuji, Hirohide Endoh
"Knowledge Based Schemes for Flexible Query-Answering Expert Systems"

J|rgen Fisher Nilsson, Henrik Legind Larsen
"Fuzzy Querying using Concept Algebra"

Hiroshi Tsuji, Yukiko Morimoto, Yasuharu Namba, Hisao Mase, Hiroshi
Kinukawa, Hirohide Endoh
"User Guidance Function in Natural Language Interface for Document Query
and Handling"

Marta Gatius, Horacio Rodriguez
"A domain-restricted task-guided Natural Language Interface Generator"

Salee Na, Seog Park
"Management of Fuzzy Objects with Fuzzy Attribute Values in A Fuzzy Object
Oriented Data Model"

Laurence Cholvy
"Answering queries addressed to a group of deductive databases"

Henning Christiansen, Troels Andreasen
"A experimental prototype for flexible query-answering mechanisms - A
metainterpretation approach"

Berthier A.N. Ribeiro, Richard Muntz
"Fuzzy Ranking of Approximate Answers"

Hans Dybkj{r, Niels Ole Bernsen, Laila Dybkj{r
"Inferential Issues in a Spoken Language Dialogue System"

Christine Bonnet
"Using Description Logics to Generate Answers in Incomplete Databases"

J.M. Medina, O. Pons, J.C. Cubero, M.A. Vila
"FREDDI: A Fuzzy Relational Deductive Database Interface"

Mee-Sun Jeon, Se-Young Park, Man-soo Kim
"The Information Filtering Using the Keyfact"

Ralf Kramer, Ralf Nikolai
"Accessing Multilingual, heterogeneous Data Sources in Wide Area Networks"

How to get here
>From Copenhagen Airport: Take SAS bus to central station and take the train
in direction Roskilde some 25 minutes. The university has its own station
just before Roskilde, called TREKRONER, but not all trains stop here.

The recommended (special priced) Hotel Prindsen is situated in the centre
of Roskilde a few minutes from the station, and all trains passing stops in

To get from Roskilde City to the University take bus 624 or the train to

Detailed train and bus schedule will appear in our WWW pages
http://knud.ruc.dk/fqas/ in due time.

We suggest you contact HOTEL PRINDSEN which is a pleasant hotel situated in
the main street of Roskilde. Remember to indicate FQAS'96 in order to get
the following reduced prices:
Single room DKK 500
Double room DKK 680

These prices are also valid if you wish to stay some days before or after
the arrangement.

The hotel is only a few minutes walk from the train station in Roskilde and
is easy to find.

Algade 13
DK-4000 Roskilde, DENMARK

Fax: +45 46358110 (remember to indicate FQAS'96)

Tel: +45 46358010 (remember to indicate FQAS'96)

Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

E-mail: ______________

Workshop fee, including lunches, coffee DKK 800 __________

Workshop dinner Thursday: DKK 300 __________

Total amount DKK __________


Please return the above form by email to troels@ruc.dk before May 6

The payment can be made in advance to the following:
Account: 6160 167595-4
Bank: Roskilde Bank
Algade 14
DK-4000 Roskilde

"Copenhagen 96" - Cultural Capital of Europe 1996
Copenhagen 96 is the twelfth Cultural Capital of Europe. Every year since
the programme started in 1985 an EU country has appointed one of their
cities Cultural Capital of Europe, and every city has chosen a different
way of meeting the challenge. Copenhagen 96 has resolved to go further than
any city so far.
During Whitsun (May 24-27, 1996), in the days following FQAS'96, Copenhagen
96 has already registered more than 300 cultural events. So if you consider
to attend FQAS'96, a Whitsun holiday is a perfect way to extend your stay
in Copenhagen.
You can find more information about Copenhagen 96 at the www site:

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