OO KBS INTERNET FUZZY Knowledge Management : Position in NORWAY

Bernt A. Bremdal (bernt@oslonett.no)
Mon, 22 Apr 1996 11:27:55 +0200

CognIT a.s

are looking for highly skilled and motivated people with interests and
qualifications at different levels (PhD/MSc/BSc) who can reinforce our young
enterprise in one or more of the following areas:

1. Cognition/management:
Cognitive science, learning organisations, knowledge management, enterprise
modelling and linguistics, BPR, TQM

2. Object oriented system development methodology:
OOA/OOD/OOP : OMT, Coad&Yourdon, Booch, OORAM, Jacobsson.
Object oriented system development under Windows, OLE2, COM
C/C++, MS Visual C++, MS VisualBasic, Smalltalk/VisualWorks

3. Database technology,
with emphasis on RDBMS and OODBMS
ORACLE CDE, DBA. Data modelling: ER/NIAM, 4GL

4. Knowledge Based Systems:
KADS, expert systems, cased-based reasoning, machine learning, knowledge-based
decision support

5. Internet:

6. Neural networks, constraints, evolutionary computing and fuzzy systems:
(RBF, ART/Kohonen), genetic algorithms, fuzzy control and decision making



CognIT a.s is a recent spin-off from the R&D community in Halden, Norway and an
existing consultancy business.

Our customers include oil companies operating in the North Sea, engineering firms,
software houses, aerospace , process- and mechanical industry and R&D institutes.
CognIT a.s is the know-how company’s best partner.

Our methods, products and services are based on cutting-edge knowledge management
technology that unleashes the competence potential of our customers. Through a
thorough understanding of organisational and individual cognition and by means of a
portfolio of advanced system techniques and methods (i.e. knowledge acquisition and
formalisation, neural networks, object-oriented methods, virtual organisation
modelling, datawarehousing and artificial intelligence) we are able to improve the
competitive edge of our customers.


We can offer you a challenging and fun working environment where creativity,
knowledge and customer satisfaction are the keywords. Salary will be negotiated
individually, and will include favourable pension and insurance terms. CognIT a.s
can also assist with relocation and housing.

For further information have a look at attachment to this opening at alt.binaries
or contact Bernt A. Bremdal, tel. + 47 69 17 70 85 / + 47 90 06 11 73, email:
bernt@oslonett.no, fax: + 47 66 90 06 12.

Written applications should be sent by 10.05.96 to:
CognIT a.s, Busterudgt. 3, N-1776 Halden, Norway.