fuzzy shortest path

Vincent Henn (henn@inrets.fr)
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 16:42:23 +0200


I'm looking for articles leading with graphs (in the OR sens) with fuzzy costs.
Are there any algorithm equivalent to Dijkstra's when the costs are fuzzy ?

For example, given the following graph, what is the 'shortest path' between A and E ?
The costs on the links are fuzzy numbers (representing for example, the imprecision
of geographical measures).

B ----- D
/ \ / \
/ \ / \
A ----- C ----- E

Actualy, I'm not interested in the *shortest path* but with the *smallest cost*. The two notion are equivalent in the crisp case, but may differ in the fuzzy one.

Thank you for all answers (e-mail prefered).

Vincent Henn