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Third International Conference on
Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

Preceded by a one-day Introductory Workshop

Tuesday 1st - Friday 4th April, 1997

Norwich, England, UK


Conference Theme:

The main theme of the ICCANGA series is the development and application of
software paradigms based on natural processes, principally artificial
neural networks, genetic algorithms and hybrids thereof. However, the scope
of the conference extends to cover many related topics including fuzzy
logic, neurofuzzy systems, genetic programming and other evolutionary computation
systems, classifier systems and adaptive agent systems, distributed intelligence and
artificial life, generic optimisation heuristics including simulated annealing and tabu search,
and many more.

Following the successes of ICANNGA93 (Innsbruck, Austria) and ICCANGA95
(Ales, France), the third meeting of this interdisciplinary conference will
be held at the University of East Anglia in the picturesque, medieval city
of Norwich, England. The ICANNGA series has quickly established itself as a
platform, not only for established workers in the fields, but also for new
and young researchers wishing to extend their knowledge and experience. The
conference will be preceded by a one day workshop during which introductory
sessions on a range of relevant topics will be held. There will be ample
opportunity to gain practical experience in the techniques pertaining to
the workshop and conference.

The conference is hosted by the University of East Anglia, which is a
campus university in a parkland setting, offering first class conference
facilities including award winning en-suite accomodation and lecture
theatres. The conference will include invited talks and contributed oral
and poster presentations.

It is expected that the ICANNGA97 Proceedings will be printed by
Springer-Verlag (Vienna), following the tradition set by its predecessors.

International Advisory Committee

Prof. R. Albrecht, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Dr. D. Pearson, Ecole des Mines d'Ales, France
Prof. N. Steele, Coventry University, England (Chair)
Dr. G. D. Smith, University of East Anglia, England

Programme Committee

Thomas Baeck, Informatik Centrum, Dortmund, Germany
Wilfried Brauer, TU München, Germany
Marco Dorigo, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Terry Fogarty, University of West England, Bristol, UK
Jelena Godjevac, EPFL Laboratories, Lausanne, Switzerland
Michael Heiss, Neural Network Group, Siemens AG, Austria
Tom Harris, Brunel University, London, UK
Anne Johannet, EMA-EERIE, Nimes, France
Helen Karatza, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Sami Kuri, San Jose State University, USA
Pedro Larranaga, University Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain
Francesco Masulli, University of Genoa, Italy
Josef Mazanec, WU Wien, Austria
Janine Magnier, EMA-EERIE, Nîmes, France
Franz Oppacher, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Ian Parmee, University of Plymouth, UK
David Pearson, EMA-EERIE, Nîmes, France
Vic Rayward-Smith, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Colin Reeves, Coventry University, Coventry, UK
Bernardete Ribeiro, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
Valentina Salapura, TU-Wien, Austria
V. David Sánchez A., University of Miami, Florida, USA
Henrik Saxén, Åbo Akademi, Finland
George D. Smith, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Nigel Steele, Coventry University, Coventry, UK
Kevin Warwick, Reading University, Reading, UK
Darrell Whitley, Colorado State University, USA
Diethelm Würtz, Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland

Organising Committee

Dr. G. D. Smith, University of East Anglia, England
Nigel Steele, Coventry University, Coventry
Prof. Vic Rayward-Smith, University of East Anglia, Norwich

Submission Instructions

Contributions are sought in the following topic areas, which is not exhaustive:

- Theoretical and Computational Aspects of Artificial Neural
Networks: including computational learning, approximation theory, novel
paradigms and training methods, dynamical systems, hardware implementation

- Practical Applications of Artificial Neural Networks: including
pattern recognition, speech and signal processing, visual processing, time
series prediction, medical and other diagnostic systems, fault and anomaly
detection, financial applications, data compression, datamining, machine

- Theoretical and Computational Aspects of Genetic Algorithms:
including schema theory developments, Markov models, convergence analysis,
no free lunch theorem, computational analysis, novel sequential and
parallel GA systems

- Practical Applications of Genetic Algorithms; including function
and combinatorial optimisation, machine learning, classifier and agent
systems, datamining, real-world industrial and commercial applications

- Hybrid and related topics: including genetic programming,
evolutionary programming and evolution strategies, fuzzy logic and control,
neuro-fuzzy systems, simulated annealing and tabu search, hybrid search
algorithms, hybrid ANN/GA systems

Authors should submit an extended abstract of around 1500-2000 words, or
full paper, of their proposed contribution before 31st August 1996.
Abstracts and papers must be in English and must contain a concise
description of the problem, the results achieved, their relevance and a
comparison with previous work. The abstract/paper should also contain the
following details:

Authors' names and affiliations
Name, address and email address of contact author

Three typed/printed copies should be sent to the following address:

Dr George D. Smith
School of Information Systems
University of East Anglia
Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ

Alternatively, abstracts may be sent by email to either:

Notification of acceptance of the paper for presentation will be made by
November 30th 1996. Papers accepted for both oral and poster presentations
will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

Pre-Conference Workshop

It is intended to hold a workshop on April 1st, 1997, prior to the
Conference. This workshop is intended for those who are new to the topics
and wish to gain a better understanding of the fundamental aspects of
neural networks and genetic algorithms. The format of this workshop will be
as follows:

Theoretical issues of ANNs

Key Issues in the application of ANNs

Introduction to GAs and other heuristic search algorithms

Key Issues in the application of GAs and related heuristics

The second and fourth topics are backed up with laboratory sessions in
which participants will have the opportunity to use some of the latest
software toolkits supporting the respective technologies.

Dates to remember:

First Announcement & CFP: April 1996
Submission of Abstracts: August 31st 1996
Notification of Acceptance: November 30th 1996
Delivery of full paper: January 30th 1997
Pre-Conference Workshop: April 1st 1997
ICANNGA97: April 2nd-4th 1997

Further Information:

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