Looking for fuzzy programmer. No money (yet)

Andrew_R._Mitz (arm@helix.nih.gov)
Wed, 17 Apr 1996 20:04:37 +0200

I am looking for a programmer familiar with expert systems,
fuzzy logic, etc. who has the time and interest to join in
a exciting project. The long term goal is to make money,
but there is no pay or guarentee of income at this point.
A participant, however, would be invited into any
commercialization that evolves from the project. You will
have the opportunity to work with some very bright
people, and the project will take the internet an important
technological step forward. In general the project is to use
AI to make better Web sites.

Please contact me if you might be interested in getting involved
and want to know more. You may be asked to sign a non-disclosure
statement at some point. I hope that does not scare anyone away.

Thanks for the bandwidth.

Andrew Mitz, PhD

(This project is in no way associated with my employer.)
Andrew Mitz, Biomed. Eng., National Institutes | Opinions are mine alone
of Health Animal Center, Poolesville, MD | arm@helix.nih.gov