Re: Looking for Fuzzy Classifiers...

Ulrich Bodenhofer (
Mon, 15 Apr 1996 16:06:26 +0200

Dear colleagues!

We have done some research on the classification of pixels within the
development of a print inspection system. You can retrieve the first
publication via ftp or better via WWW as gnu-zipped PostScript.
Take a look at

The following reference in BibTeX format indicates where it appeared:

author = {P. Bauer and U. Bodenhofer and E.~P. Klement},
title = {A Fuzzy System for Image Pixel Classification and its
Genetic Optimization},
booktitle = {Cybernetics and Systems '96},
editor = {R. Trappl},
publisher = {Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies},
address = {Vienna},
month = {April},
year = {1996} }

New papers will probably be available on our server too.

With best regards,
Ulrich Bodenhofer

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