Fuzzy logic and programmable controlers (PCL's)

HUBSCHEN.MATTHIAS (950335@student.iae.dtu.dk)
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 18:30:02 +0200

Hello world,
I now have to face a problem dealing with the idea of using fuzzy
logic to control a circuit which is untill now controlled by a PCL.
Hence several questions came to my mind:
1) Is it more reasonable to replace the PCL by a fuzzy controller
in the form of a microcontroller or a computer system with an
additional analogue I/O board ?
2) Is it more reasonable to replace the existing PCL by one which
includes fuzzy features ?
3) Or is it in the end the best solution to use a fuzzy controller
additionally to the PC in order to influence or adapt some of its
values ?
4) If the fuzzy contoller is used in the last sense, which value(s)
should be influenced or adapted ? The parameters of the
controllers, the setpoints, the manipulated values or should
disturbance feedforward be apploed ?
I know that's a whole lot of questions, but if anybody has made some
experiences in that direction or can come up with suggestions of any
kind, I would be most grateful and interested to hear about it.
Thanks and regards