Fuzzy Music

Jason A Wortham (tutworth@calweb.com)
Tue, 9 Apr 1996 10:21:11 +0200

I have an algorythm which will generate musical music originating only
from random numbers. After doing a bit of research it seems as though
my algorythm is similar to both fuzzy logic and neural nets, however
I'm not really sure it applies. The music is good(by some qualitative
standards), and I think it should make since that we could mimic the
anomolie in the brain that appreciates music. Anyway since the logic
is qualitative I think it could be deemed fuzzy logic. Anyone who
would like is welcome to e-mail me and recieve a midi sample of the
music(will not sound well unless you have a wave table sound card).

Also curious if there is any sort of market for this or if it is even
something worth pursuing. I know it works. I am working on a program
to generate these samples(the originals I generated with excel and a
midi program, ack!). Any ideas suggestions appreciated. I am
currently a jobless college student with too much free time on my
hands. Anyways, highly curious and recommended listening. E-mail me.