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Research on handwriting and drawing


August 24 - 28, 1997, Genova, Italy

IGS'97 is the biennal Conference of IGS (International Graphonomics
Society). It is the 8th of the series: IGS'83 (Nijmegen), IGS'85
(Hong Kong), IGS'87 (Montreal), IGS'89 (Trond-heim), IGS'91 (Tempe AZ),
IGS'93 (Paris), IGS'95 (London Ontario). Its aim is to address topics
of research on handwriting and drawing with a strongly multi-disciplinary
approach, which includes behavioral, theoretical, methodological,
technological, educational, medical, and forensic aspects. The intended
audience includes Developmental, and Experimental Psychologists,
Computer Scientists, Educators, Ergonomists, Forensic Document
Examiners, Motor Control Researchers, Neurologists, Theoretical and
Clinical Neuropsychologists, Occupational Therapists, Paleographers,
and Physicians among others. The topic which will receive special emphasis
in IGS'97 is Neuroscience and Motor Control aspects of Handwriting Research.

Organizers: A.M. Colla; F. Masulli; P.G. Morasso (Genova).

Conference Chair: F. Masulli

Program Co-Chairs: N. Mai (Muenchen), P. Morasso (Genova).

Program Committee: P. Baier (DE); A.M. Colla (IT); C. Faure (FR);
P. Giannoni (IT); S. Impedovo (IT); G. Leedham (SG); G. Lorette (FR);
P. Morasso (IT); R. Meulenbroek (NL); R. Plamondon (CAN); M. Simner (CAN);
L. Schomaker (NL); J. Schuermann (DE); H.L. Teulings (USA);
A. Thomassen (NL); L. Wilson Marks (USA).

Sponsors: CNR, Elsag, EU, IGS, IAPR, University of Genova.

Commercial exhibit: contact Dr. A.M. Colla.

Conference secretariat (information, submission of abstracts, accommodation,
conference fees) :
ART Srl PO Box 7026, I-16148 Genova, Italy; Fax +39 10 3532154.

Web page (at IGS office): http://www.psych.kun.nl/igs

Interested people, who wish to be inserterted in a mailing list and
receive further information can communicate so to the conference secretariat
by mail or fax and to the organizers by email.

Conference site:
The conference will be held at the University of Genova - in the Faculty of
Sciences - from August 24 to 28, 1997. Genova is the main Italian harbour
for commercial and touristic maritime traffic. It has a large medieval and
Renaissance center with several Art Galleries. The new Aquarium is the
largest in Europe and the second in the world and there are many nearby
attractions in the Riviera (Portofino, Santa Margherita etc.). The airport
has good connections with Zurich, Frankfurt, London, Munich, and most Italian
cities. Milan and Rome can be reached by fast trains.

Social program: organized and self-organized support to the exploration of the
environment will be provided, with some surprise ...

Accommodation: a range of possibilities from the Youth Hostel to 5-star hotels.
Please contact the secretariat in due time.

Abstract submission: 5 copies camera-ready by March 1 1997

Notification of acceptance: May 1 1997

Instructions for the preparation of abstracts:
The abstracts must be prepared camera-ready: two pages, including figures and references. For the format, please contact the secretariat. Submit one
original and 5 copies plus a cover sheet (no electronic submission, please)
which contains the following:
* Full address (including fax, telephone and email);
* Presentation preference ( [ ] poster or [ ] oral) ;
* Topic preference ( [ ] Neuroscience, [ ] Education, [ ]Motor Control,
[ ] Pattern Recognition, [ ]Forensic Applications, [ ] Other).

Proceedings: Accepted abstracts will be printed in the Conference Proceedings
without any difference between oral and poster presentations. A subset of the
abstracts, selected by the Program Committee, will be reviewed as expanded
full papers to be edited and published in a book on Advances in Handwriting
Research, as it is the tradition of IGS Conferences. The special emphasis of
the IGS'97 Conference will be in the area of Neuroscience and Motor Control
aspects of Handwriting Research, coordinated by Prof. Norbert Mai and
Prof. Pietro G. Morasso.

Registration form

[ ] Registration [ ] Request of further information

Name ____________________________________________________________

Affiliation ____________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

Fax/Email ____________________________________________________________

(A limited amount of student fellowships might be available, if support from
funding agencies is obtained. A formal proof of student status is obtained.
Early declaration of interest is recommended.)

Conference Fees

Before June 15, 1997 After June 15, 1997

[ ]IGS Members: 270,000 ITL [ ]IGS Members: 310,000 ITL [ ]Banquet: 60,000 ITL
[ ]Nonmembers: 300,000 ITL [ ]Nonmembers: 340,000 ITL

Total amount due: _____________ ITL

I pay by (net of all charges)

[ ] Eurocheque made to IGS'97 Secretariat - ART Srl
[ ] Transfer to account # 1316/80, Banca Carige
(Genova-Branch 52, code 193, CAB 1435, ABI 6175)
[ ] Credit card: [ ] Eurocard/Master Card [ ] VISA

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